Wicked In White

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Wicked In White

Mistress Severa greets you and shows you Her outfit as She opens Her white robe. Her short mini skirt rides up to give you a glimpse of the tight pantyhose covering Her perfect ass and then the scene opens with that ass on the face of Her slave. She face sits him and then orders him to worship Her feet. Standing he kisses his way up the back of Her stocking seam to Her ass crack. Bare foot now She engages him to kiss and suck Her toes and then moves the pantyhose wearing slave with the pink bra on to the floor so She can trample on him.

Foot domination and a side of smothering for the slave in the pink bra. After humiliating him She moves to get the vibrating glove and Her crop so She can concentrate on his cock trapped in the nylon. Pleasure and pain mix as Mistress Severa excites his cock with the vibrating glove and then spanks it with the crop. It grows hard trapped in his pantyhose. She moves to cut his cock free with a pair of scissors and then slaps it around a bit when She frees it. She has him kneel and stick his nose in Her ass crack. She warns hi to keep it there as She moves him slowly toward the wall. He is ordered to lay flat and She steps up on him.

Barefoot trample on Her pantyhose clad slave as Mistress Severa has some fun with him underfoot. She strips off Her corset and tramples him only in Her pantyhose and then moves to put on Her high heels for more foot domination. She splays out flat on him and teases him with Her perfect breasts. Her size 7 feet carry the day as She loves the agony on his face She moves him over Her lap for spanking.

Sexy over the knee spanking as Severa uses Her hand, the spanker and a crop to redden his ass. She rolls his pantyhose down to expose his tender cheeks and delights in his squirming as She hits him. She removes Her bra and tightens it around his neck while She continues to punish him. Next She has him standing legs fastened wide apart and his cock and balls exposed for CBT. She attaches a weight to his balls and whips his cock, squeezing often until he cannot take anymore. Nipple clamps add to his pain and She loves hearing him groan and scream as She works his private parts over.

He receives a bit more attention to his nipples and cock as Mistress Severa stands resplendent in white, Her long legs and high heels revealing Her models frame. She has beat up his cock and balls badly and applies the vibrator to them to try and revive his erection while She cruelly twists his nipples. His legs are shaking as She tires of holding the vibrator and moves him to the floor at Her feet to give him a chance at wanking himself. Evidently the torment had been too much and his flogging a limp noodle so She calls an end to his session.