When She Comes Home

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Mistress Luxe uses silent boy for 54 minutes before finally extracting his essence. They get ready for Her date together, dressing up in pantyhose and playing Mistress and slave boy. He gets to linger beneath Her feet before helping Her dress and savoring Her wetness. His prostate is massaged and his cock is teased before She binds him in the dungeon and leaves. When She comes home, he is treated to Her rendition of Her date and a forced orgasm.

Mistress Luxe has a date. She sits at the vanity table with silent boy under Her feet and has him worship Her 7” spike heels as She gets ready. He deep throats Her heels as She tells him how She is going to be be getting some big hard black cock on Her date. She turns and spikes his cock and then orders him to carefully remove Her high heels. She relieves Herself and he moves to clean Her.

Mistress Luxe has silent boy clean Her thoroughly front and back and then She orders him to fetch a pair of pantyhose and watches and coaches him as he puts them on. She adjusts his hose and then traps and untraps his cock, making it stiff and bulging under the tight control top nylons. Next he is ordered to fetch Her pantyhose so She can get dressed for Her date. He begins to dress Her.

With Her crotchless pantyhose adjusted, Mistress Luxe stands tall and commands silent boy to inhale deeply of Her pussy. Next, She has him securely fastened on all fours and paddles his ass soundly with a heavy wooden paddle and then a nasty rubber hose paddle. She then give him a prostate massage, stretching his tight ass out with Her fingers and probing his gland. She talks to him about Her date and how he will be tied up and horny waiting for Her to come home. She sticks Her ass in his face.

Mistress Luxe feeds silent boy Her nylon covered toes and then positions him in front of Her on his knees for some foot worship and cock tease. She removes Her bra and allows him to smell Her breasts as he is ordered to play with his cock and stimulate himself. She jabs his stiff cock with the electrical box and then orders him to fuck the bed while She puts on Her dress and readies Herself for Her date. He is moved to the dungeon, horny and helpless.

Mistress Luxe returns from Her date and enters to tease silent boy who has been in strict bondage since Her departure. She reaches into Her pussy hole and sticks a finger into Her hole to fish out some cum for silent boy to taste. She verbally humiliates him as She applies clothespins to his nipples and stretches them with the forceps. Removing Her dress She plays with Her wet pussy seated in front of him. His stiff cock is squeezed and trapped as She teases him more.

The helpless pantyhose clad male has his cock and balls bound and pulled back as Mistress Luxe continues to tease him. She fastens a brick around his balls and stretches them out, kicking the brick back and forth to torment him. She applies a vibrator to his balls to further increase the sperm production and then begins to extract the cum from his swollen nuts. She strokes him and hangs the brick back on his balls before massaging him to a spurting forced orgasm, catching his cum in the specimen dish.