Boots, CBT, Humiliation, Strap-On — April 8, 2015 4:38 pm

Twist and Shout

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Mistress Jennifer & Friends

Mistress Jennifer & Friends

Miss Vera is a huge latex lover and has an enormous wardrobe. Here She shows Her obedient house slave how to apply the latex cleaner and finish dressing Her. Sexy foot dressage and good angles make for a latex lovers delight. Miss Vera looks so sleek and sexy. Her boy is lashed in place and She begins to work on some pain treatment.

Miss Vera inflicts some CBT torment on Her captive. Add in some nipple torment and She has Her own bound toy. He tries to dance away but She has tied him in a a devilish predicament and he can only twist and try to shout. The ball gag muffles his lovely cries as She works his cock over and then puts Her attention to his sensitive nipples. It obvious that She enjoys every whimper.

Nipple and cock torment continue for a bit longer. He is fairly well broken down now and sensitized and She has certainly gotten Her phone from listening to him try and scream behind the ball gag embedded in his mouth. Time to finish his humiliation at the end of Her flesh colored cock dangling obscenely between Her slim latex thighs. She makes him taste it and get it wet and then strolls behind his little ass and buries it in him.

Sweet music to Miss Vera’s ears as Her tight assed slut clenches his sphincter around her six inch cock and takes it like the little bitch that he is. Miss Vera looks stunning in black latex and high heels. Her perfect features light up as She thrusts in him to the rubber balls. He has gone limp and his prostate is well stimulated from the constant friction of Her cock. She moves to sit on the couch so he can kneel at Her feet and jerk off. With Her permission, he looses a torrent of white poison onto Her shiny black boots. Now he bends to clean it as She watches him debase himself for consumption.