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Torture Toy

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Torture Toy

Mistress Tangent and Mistress Rose stroll to the bent slave. His ass is exposed and Mistress Rose wastes no time in filling it with one, then two fingers and starting a lube and prostate massage. Mistress Tangent feeds him Her fingers to suck and then adds Her wet fingers at his hole. She moves behind and Mistress Rose bends low in front of him so he can suck Her asshole while Mistress Tangent readies his asshole for Her strap-on which hangs obscenely between Her shapely thighs. She mounts him and buries Her rubber cock up his ass. A lovely ass fucking starts rhythmically as Mistress Tangent rolls Her leather clad hips into him as he licks the fragrant asshole in his face. Mistress Rose turns in a bit so he can lick Her clit as Mistress Tangent fucks away on his backside. She finally pulls out and Mistress Rose strolls behind him and moves into place to fuck him.

Mistress Rose takes Her turn fucking the slave up the ass while Mistress Tangent has him suck Her cock. With both holes filled all he can do is gurgle as the two have their way with him. Mistress Tangent takes a paddle to his ass while Her partner fucks him. Her gorgeous legs lock around his head as She spanks him. He is then bound standing so they can have their way front and back. Mistress tangent torments his bound cock with Her whip as Mistress Rose begins to give him some whip strokes from behind. They slowly up the intensity as both whip his ass and then Mistress Tangent begins to seriously torment his cock with Her whip and black booted foot. Mistress Rose is definitely getting off whipping his ass as She grins every time he screeches.

The whipping and cock torment continues as the Ladies lay into him. Mistress Tangent holds his bound balls to whip his engorged member as Mistress Rose inflicts torment with Her black whip on his ass, back and thighs. Mistress Tangent then uses the forceps to hold his cock and whips it with a harsh cock whip. Mistress Rose has switched to a paddle and is taking his mind off things from behind him. His cock is worked over in the front and he does not know which end is up. He deserves a break and gets it next while bound in the chair. Mistress Rose allows him to worship Her perfect young breasts but Mistress Tangent makes him pay with some nipple torment in the process.

The breast worship has made his cock swell a bit. It is stretched and tied expertly by Mistress Tangent. She uses the forceps on the head while Mistress Ross manipulates his bound balls. They squeeze his sore balls and put clothespins on his nipples to keep him on edge. His cock is deemed ready and the lovely Mistress Ross begins to stroke it while the black leather gloved hand of Mistress Tangent torments his balls. Pleasure and pain and he is in a world of his own. Mistress Rose’s milking hand does its job and Mistress Tangent readies the glass vase for the cum extraction. His tormented cock is milked dry as it spits a good sized load of white jism into the vase. He is totally drained dry and then fed his seed in a most humiliation manner.