Too Much For You

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Too Much For You

Mistress Rebecca humiliates footboy for 30 minutes before Her dainty hand jerks a load out of his cock. As he cums She stops and ruins his orgasm. His balls were loaded from watching Her have a smoke and having his face sat on. She does some light trample and foot play before spanking his ass and controlling his orgasm.

Mistress Rebecca lights up a smoke with footboy on the ground. She enjoys Her cigarette and then enjoys teasing the big submissive under Her feet. The tiny blonde dynamo tramples him and jumps on his fat stomach from the black couch, amusing Herself greatly in the process. His cock gets a bit of teasing as She puckers her sensual lips and pretends to suck it. Her feet on him and Her face so close to his cock have the desired effect.

Trample and cock teasing go together very well and Mistress Rebecca is a pro at both. Her hands tease and stroke footboy’s cock for a bit and then She climbs up on the couch and jumps onto his milky white stomach. Turning She teases him with Her pussy in his face then slips off Her panties and puts them over his head. She grasps a cane and uses Her feet to massage his cock. She likes to hit him as his cock grows between the nylon covered feet massaging it. She seats Herself between his legs and strokes and teases him.

He is ordered over the table and She perches on his back with the spanker. She give him a red ass and spanks him over and over then he is positioned on his back for some face sitting. Her glorious little ass in his face makes his pecker stand straight. She moves between his legs and teases his cock while She hits him. He is brought to a climax but Her fist stops milking his cock as he starts to squirt and he gets no pleasure at all from the orgasm She has drawn from him. That was Her goal all along.