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Test Drive

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Test Drive

The little submissive has shown up late and Mistress Tangent is not happy. She starts his session right there in front of the door and stomps him in super high sadistic black heels. Her tight pants hug Her perfect ass while She stomps on him up and down. She changes to a sexy black outfit and he is strapped to the cross on the floor so he cannot go anywhere as She begins to use him as Her human carpet. She is going to be trying out several pairs of high heels on him and moves to sit on him and put on some sexy Cuban heel stockings right in his face.

Mistress Tangent gets the second stocking on as She sits on the bound spread eagled little trample slut and then turns and drops Her ass on his face for some sexy smother action as Her nylon covered foot smacks his cock and balls hard. She loves dressing while dominating Her slave and finishes with Her nylon then buttons them to Her black garters and begins to trample him with some sexy black high heeled slides. His whole body is used and especially his cock comes in for some extra punishment under Her shoes.

Some trample up and down the bound slave’s body in Her nylon feet and then Mistress Tangent moves to put on some leopard high heels and test them out on his stretched and racked body. She sits down on his face to cut off his air and then climbs up on him and tramples him like a human rug. The sharp pin like metal heels of the leopard print shoes do a lot of damage as he tries not to scream beneath Her. She loves seeing his tortured expression and all the walking on him has made Her a bit hot so She unsnaps and removes Her tight black corset. Her perfect natural breasts are bursting from the black bra as She turns and resumes tormenting him under Her heels.

Mistress Tangent works his cock and balls over with the leopard heels and then wants to test drive another pair of sexy black and red spikes on him. First a bit of neck compression with Her bare foot as She leans in from on top and then sits down hard on his face and buries his nose in Her ass cheeks as She smacks his cock and balls with Her feet. She gets the sexy new heels on tramples the shit out of the racked male and then kicks his balls in. He is at his limit as She drags Her spikes across his chest and makes him suck on the heel while almost unconscious.