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Take Two

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Take Two

Lots of groveling action by two dedicated submissives at the beautiful black high heels of Mistress Tangent. A little competition is a good thing as She proves by making them turn into little worms that are licking and sniveling for attention. She stands and they worship their way right up Her gorgeous toned legs and then are allowed to bury their faces in Her scent front and back as a reward.

Ass, foot, leg and shoe worship by two groveling, sniveling slaves both trying to out do each other for the favor of Mistress Tangent. She so loves the competition with Her as the ultimate prize. Shoes are sniffed hard and She allows them to roll Her stockings off Her beautiful legs and then ties the hands of one behind. She positions the one in red crotchless panties over the kneeler so his asshole is available and begins to spank him. The bound one is obliged to worship Her backside while She spanks.

A hard spanking reddens the cheeks of the one in red panties as he is then fucked by Mistress Tangent. She positions the other supplicant below for foot worship. This Mistress can mutli- task as she fucks and spanks one while foot dominating the other.

Mistress Tangent fires jerk off instructions at the slave beneath Her with Her foot in his mouth. He is jerking his cock fast while She fucks the red pantied sissy slave in front of Her. He gags and chokes on the foot in his mouth and She tires of him jerking so She orders the one that has been butt fucked to kneel and he jerks a load on to the red panties he was wearing and She stuffs them into his mouth.