Boots, Corporeal Punishment, Pantyhose Domination — May 12, 2015 1:04 pm

Sweet Spot

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Sweet Spot

Nothing Mistress Lydia likes more than beating a submissive down and the only thing better is when She humiliates them and puts them into Her old pantyhose. This guy may have more than he can handle as She sits on his face and gives him a painful assist in puttying on the black nylon pantyhose. She dominates him seated and then puts him over Her knee for a brief spanking. Her shoes are lovingly removed by Her slave and he worships at Her feet before She puishes his cock with kicking. She climbs up on his back and stomps on him.

Mistress Lydia stomps the hell out of the slae. She makes him kiss Her pantyhose covered ass and ask for more of a beating. Shestomps his cock and climbs on top of him like a human surfboard, crushing his neck and cock under Her nylon covered feet. She gives him a rest to kiss Her ass and swallow Her toes and then climbs on his face and starts to stomach punch him as hard as She can.

Mistress Lydia rains blows down into his sweet spot right in the solar plexus. She is brutal and does not pull any punches. She sits on his face and grinds Her ass in to humiliate the beaten submissive before climbing up on top of him and trampling him. Down to sit on him for some foot worship and then back up to trample. Next She has him tied his hands straight over his head and punches the shit out of his midsection before putting on Her thigh high black high heeled boots.

Even seated, Mistress Lydia throws a mean punch and the slave cannot get away as his hands are overhead. She stands and punches the shit out of him while in Her black high heeled boots. She gives him a bit of a break by rubbing up against his cock, now hanging loose. He has been so beat up it is only a moan that escapes as She pulls away and he knows more blows are coming. She removes Her bra and puts it over his head and then on his cock before hitting him again over and over. Next he is bound spread eagled on the floor and She sits heavily on his face and then turns and has him lick the bottom of Her boots clean.

Brutal trample while Mistress Lydia wears Her boots. She then takes them off and has him worship Her sweaty feet before climbing back on the helpless slave for more trample action. She queens him and he moans and suffocates under Her pantyhose covered ass as She takes off Her bra and climbs back up to torment him, finally finishing him off with kicks to his balls.