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Swallow Her Squirt 2

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Swallow Her Squirt 2

Get comfortable for 38 minutes of pussy dripping domination as Mistress Nicole teams with Mistress Natalie to turn two male submissives into their pets. Lots of ass and pussy worship while the large submissive gets his balls licked by cum slut tosha. Mistress Natalie delivers unrelenting strap-on play throughout. Down in the dungeon, a couple doses of squirt from Mistress Nicole insure a humiliating climax.

Mistress Nicole joins Mistress Natalie on the couch to discuss how horny they are thinking about abusing their sluts. Large submissive cucky is underfoot and gets some high heel punishment before they call cum slut tosha in to start licking the back of his balls. Mistress Nicole allows cucky pussy worship as his balls are tongued from behind. Mistress Natalie puts on a strap-on and begins to fuck the ball licking slut in the ass.

Mistress Nicole turned and ordered cucky to tongue clean Her ass. He obliged immediately as cum slut tosha was told to stop licking his balls by Mistress Natalie and to bend over the couch for strap-on. Mistress Nicole sat down next to Her and enjoyed having Her pussy worshipped. Mistress Natalie had cum slut tosha back himself into Her cock and then moved him to suck the big male’s stiff shaft as Mistress Natalie teased him with Her pussy.

Mistress Natalie and Mistress Nicole finished humiliating cum slut tosha. He slurped on the big submissive’s cock as his ass was filled by Mistress Natalie’s strap-on. The Ladies decided to take the big submissive down to the dungeon. Flat on his back, the large male had a red cock attached to his face. The Ladies tormented his cock and balls and then Mistress Nicole planted Her pussy on his face dildo as Her partner worked on his cock and balls with the violet wand.

The large male was quite useful as a face dildo and had endured some solid CBT so Mistress Nicole decided to masturbate and squirt into the funnel held by Mistress Natalie. As an added twist, cum slut tosha was ordered in to suck on his cock while he drank the love juice. Mistress Nicole released and Her potion made him quite excited. She slid down and squirted directly on his stiff cock, which was in tosha’s mouth. They ordered tosha to lick the cock clean of squirt and then Mistress Nicole milked the cock out into tosha’s face and mouth as Mistress Natalie fucked him from behind with Her strap-on.


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