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Mistress Jennifer & Friends: ‘Snowball 3’

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Snowball 3

Mistress Tina explodes with energy for 76 action packed minutes. Pain mixes with pleasure for him as he is taken to his limits and beyond by this young dark haired Domme. She has him groveling on the floor, hung upside down and on his back before the session is through. Cum slut tosha’s big balls are filled to bursting after She has sucked, fucked and beaten him satisfactorily. For the finale, She inserts the deep O ring gag and sucks the cum out of the tip of his cock. She approaches with a full mouth and delivers his own seed back to him in the most humiliating of fashions.

Mistress Tina has tosha underfoot, exactly where She likes him. He licks the spit from Her high heels as She coaxes him forward, knowing his balls are tied tight to the upright pillar. She paddles them from behind and then applies the paddle to his ass before using his tongue to please Herself. Her orgasms and his humiliation during tongue service are quite intense.

Mistress Tina had cum once from tosha’s tongue and made him lick harder so She could have another before standing and ordering him to clean Her asshole properly. She moved to all fours on the floor and had him bury his face in Her ass, grinding back heavily on it. Next he was hung suspended and caned briefly before Mistress Tina began to apply the violet wand to his tied and swollen ball sack. Between zappings, She sucked his shaft into Her warm wet mouth.

Cum slut tosha hung by his heels as Mistress Tina finished teasing and tormenting his cock with the violet wand and Her talented mouth. She fetched a double leather long strap and blistered his ass before walking in front of him and applying the thick leather to his balls. She beat his balls soundly and then sucked him for a reward. Moving to the floor She positioned Her ass in his face and order him to tongue the underside of Her pussy before turning and squatting, offering him the chance to clean both his holes as he hung like a piece of meat between Her spread legs.

Mistress Tina started cum slut tosha swinging with He high heels, forcing his face to hit Her wet pussy each time She allowed him to close in. She stood and grabbed his balls and used a tight grip to swing him back and forth as She laughed at his pain. Now in boots and topless, the Mistress mounted and soundly fucked the black rubber cock strapped to his face as he lay on his back. She fucked him to orgasm as She sucked his cock and slapped his balls hard.

Mistress Tina subjected cum slut tosha to some intense nipple torment using the lcamps. With his balls strung up tight in the winch and his legs separated by the spreader bar, his helpless cocks was sucked to break his concentration from the pain in his nipples. Mistress Tina, having sucked his cock totally erect, climbed on and fucked him as She used the nipple clamps like horse reins. He bucked and writhed under Her as She used his cock to cum again. Dismounting She dripped hot wax on his nipples and balls and then softly sucked the head of his cock.

Mistress Tina, now in red thigh highs, red bra and short skirt, ordered Her submissive to lick Her pussy and get it wet. She turned and used his hard cock to please Herself and then released his hands and laid back so he could service Her with his hard cock. She fastened him to his back on the table and climbed on his stiff cock. She paused briefly to insert the deep O ring gag so his mouth was held securely open. Using the forceps, She tormented his nipples as She pleased Herself on his cock. Sensing he was close to shooting his load in Her pussy, She dismounted and then worked him up with Her mouth and hand to a tremendous orgasm which She caught and held in Her mouth. She moved over him and slowly dribbled his seed down his throat.