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Snap To It

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Snap To It

Mistress Emily takes this muscle bound submissive to task for 40 minutes during which time he cums for Her twice. The first time he goes off is not planned for as She has only pumped his cock a few times. He worships ass and feet and then has his pantyhose covered ass spanked before She rubs another one out with Her dainty feet. His cock is under the pantyhose for the second load and makes a complete mess for Her.

The lovely Mistress Emily reads a bit as the big muscleman is bound spread eaged at Her black booted feet. He wears a pair of control top pantyhose with his cock and balls protruding. His big swollen balls are clamped in a humbler. She moves over him and slides a cock pump over his shaft and then produces some clover clamps and fastens those on his nipples. She pumps the cock a few times and he cums without warning or permission. She empties his load on his chest, removes Her boots and sits heavily on him. Her feet dominate his face and mouth as She sits on top of him.

Nipples clamped and pinned to the cross, Mistress Emily continues to dominate him with Her feet while sitting on his chest. She plays with Her gorgeous pussy through the fishnets and rubs his face with Her feet. She turns on his chest to work his naughty cock and balls over with Her feet. They have ejaculated without permission and that is not acceptable. She mvoes Her ass over his face and drops down to smother him as She yanks on the humbler encircling his nuts. She moves to get a dildo and sits with Her pussy in front of his face. Her cunt lips splay wide as She starts to fuck Herself with the dildo right in front of his face.

Her juice pussy gapes over his face as the bound slave watches the dildo go in and out of Her hole. Quite a tease and he feels a stirring in his big balls which emptied out only moments ago into the cock pump. She finally finishes Herself and allows the bound male to suck the juice from the rubber cock that has satisfied Her hole in ways he cannot. Now She has changed outfits and he is made to lay on the couch for spanking and abuse as She sits on his back.  She uses the slapper then the black whip to beat his pantyhose covered ass.

After a sound thrashing he is ordered to his back and Mistress Emily sits heavily on his face and begins to use the razor sharp pinwheel over top of his cock which is encased in pantyhose. She carves out a hole so his cock and bound balls can protrude. Running the spikes up and down his shaft and balls makes him moan into Her pantyhose covered pussy that is smothering his face. She laughs and torments his now hard cock with the pinwheel, stopping to trap and untrap his cock beneath the nylon. She orders him to his back on the floor and tells him to form a chair by putting his arms up. She sits on his hands and he holds Her as She begins to work his cock over with Her nylon covered feet. He grows even harder inside his pantyhose and cannot control himself as Her talented feet rub a big load of cum out of his balls. The jism spews under the pantyhose and She does not stop until his balls have been drained a second time.