CBT, Corporeal Punishment, Face Sitting, Humiliation, Strap-On — October 29, 2015 8:36 pm

Slave Skills

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Mistress Tangent warms up Her submissive with Her needle gloves. Sharp spikes on the end of Her hand tease and otrment his cock. She likes it rough so She bends him over and squeezes and torments his cock and balls that dangle between his legs. Groans and moans and then time for some electricity to his sensitive parts.

Whipping his back brings Her joy. The whip gives his cock and balls some relief but not for long. She uses the slapper to engage his private parts much tot he groans and moans of the submissive. She pulls out Her newest toy a vibrator with rings that can be electrified. this gets applied to his cock and balls bringing joy and pain to them both.

More cock and ball torture from behind and then a hard spanking for the slut. She drills a butt plug into him and tells him to clench as She clamps and pulls his balls nearly off..

Time to fuck this whore. He sucks Her cock while his balls are still aching and the butt plug is clenched in his asshole. She puts him over the red kneeler and fucks this bitch hard.

Slut has been well fucked and gets some cock and ball torture from behind. Satisfied with his cries he is put to his knees and Mistress Tangent entertains Herself with tormenting his face. She lies him flat next and smothers his face telling him to start stroking his soft cock which is sore from torment.

Smother and forced masturbation highlight this installment of Mistress Tangent vs. the slut. She applies the electric rings to his cock to torture him while She steals his breathe under Her latex clad ass. Sitting heavy on his face She allows him to get hard and coaxes an orgasm from him. As he shoots his load She punches him in the balls spoiling any chance of pleasure.