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Brainsex looks at the latest Mistress Jennifer offering

I have long been a fan of the Mistress Jennifer site. I think I started drooling over her galaxy of dommes back in 2006. What is especially wonderful is the range and variety of wicked ladies she has on display: each with her own characteristic in domination but all with a feisty bitchy attitude. Of course I have had my favourites over time (which? that would be telling) but the current crop is very strong.
The great thing about the site though, is the very extensive archive which means you can go back over old favourite sessions. Many stay in the mind and drift down to the cock. Another of the trademark Mistress Jennifer dommes is their attention to sexy outfits. Take the latest video clip and gallery from the gorgeous Mistress Sabrina.

She certainly looks the part with those fiery curls flowing down over her erotic underwear – isn’t there something especially charged about a dominant woman doing cruel things in pretty peekaboo bra and no panties? Not forgetting the black stockings and boots of course. Oh those boots! Laced up tight to hug her calves, they are ripe for worship and poised for a punishing kick up the ass.
In her latest video (May 2012) Mistress Sabrina has a guy trussed up on a bench, arms and legs tied to chains suspended from the ceiling of her pain parlour. She has the look of a cold hearted tormentress as she goes about her work: his penis locked in a cock pump, clothespins viciously pinned to his tongue, nipples, navel.

On top of all this he has to endure the violet wand as it pounds its crackling electrical charge down his cock shaft. She is a merciful goddess, however, and offers the pleasure of a hand job. But there is method in this mercy: a stiff cock is easier to slap and punish. She donates her womanly spit onto the red and throbbing shaft; he is aching to come but she is having none of it. Instead she lowers her bare pussy on to his face and demands tongue worship. Lucky him, but also lucky us as we get a ringside view of her gorgeous ass, juicy pussy and flame red hair. There is more action involving a cock board and some shooting cum, but that is better seen than described. Just one more in the great canon. Keep up the good work Mistress, and we promise to keep up something else.

Brainsex is a writer based in Cambridge, England (hence those Limey spellings)