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Sisters of No Mercy

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Sister Angel

planned to keep Webber like a pin board for up to 24 hours. And that

was just the start.


This was the fate waiting for David Webber if he succumbed to the lure

of Sister Dominique, As a womaniser and a man whose brain was in the

stem of his penis, he would not, could not, resist.

As Dominique knocked on his office door, she knew that his torments

were just a few hours away. She was right. He took one look at that

young woman, his eyes scanning her body from leather boots, short

skirt, leather top, swelling breasts and gorgeous pouting lips and he

was hooked.


“Please sit down here,” said Webber in his plummy voice. He had arranged a chair opposite his so that he could watch her as she sat down and crossed those lovely legs. She made sure as she did so that he caught a glimpse her stocking tops and the milky-whiteness of her thighs above them. “How can I help?” he gulped.


“I want to help you raise funds and would like you to meet a friend of mine who has some good ideas,” she said convincingly.


“Well, if your friend is as pretty as you, how can I resist?”, he snorted.


“My friend is a nun. She would like to meet you and me and discuss an idea she has that will transform your dealings with the sick young people.”


“A nun? Well – I won’t ask what a pretty – sexy – girl like you is doing with the nuns but it sounds interesting. What do I need to do?” What he wanted to do was fuck her and spill his foul seeds all over those gorgeous tits..


“Come up to the convent with me and meet Sister Angel. She has something for you.”


“Sister Angel? She sounds angelic.” Webber’s joke was pathetic but Dominique played along. She laughed – but inwardly not at his joke but the thought that in a short time, this piece of slime would be suffering, taken to a land of pain and punishment.


“Come with me then..I have a car. Let’s go now, we can get it over with and maybe …well I am free tonight”. Dominique’s come-on fooled Webber and he nodded approval, took her arm and walked with her to the car. Within moments they were heading to the hills, towards the convent. She allowed him to fondle and flirt with her – after all it would only make his forthcoming punishment more satisfying. At last they reached the gates of the nunnery. Webber was too taken with

Dominique’s boots to see the sign over the gate, ‘Order of Punishment’. He was too distracted to notice that as they entered the convent grounds, the gates shut behind him. There was no way out, no way back except through repentance. And repent he would. Or be broken.