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Service Call

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Service Call

One hour of action with Mistress Luxe and a new boot licking slave. Sensuous boot worship and then body worship is followed up in the basement with some anal play and a cum dump into a rubber up Mistress Luxe’s pussy hole as the slave is bound on his knees and Her girlfriend is on the telephone. The dark haired Mistress Luxe really likes this new slave.

A new submissive sits while Mistress Luxe interviews him as She casually smokes a cigarette.. He expresses a particular interest in Her high heeled black boots. She commands him to touch and stroke Her boot and then has him kneel to suck the 8” heel and lick the bottom of Her sole. His head is pulled in to sniff Her pussy. Combined, the play makes his cock very hard and Mistress Luxe leans in to check his manhood out.

Since the hooded kneeling male has successfully licked Her boots clean, Mistress Luxe rewards him by slipping off Her black panties and putting those over his head. She guides his face back to Her pussy and he licks Her clean. Oral service continues up on the table as She clutches him with Her boots and pulls his head tight to Her crotch. She orders him to strip as She watches and then get up on the chair. A hand spanking ensues and Mistress Luxe moves in front of him so he can kiss Her ass in gratitude.

Mistress Luxe flips the slave to his back and face sits him. He busily licks Her hole and then She turns to straddle him for some ass worship. Done with his tongue, She orders him to the living room and sits Herself down on the couch and instructs him to masturbate for Her amusement. Moved to the dungeon, he is tied to a stool and whipped. She ties a cord around his balls and cinches them to the stool.

After tying slave’s nuts up tight Mistress Luxe slides in front of him and has him worship Her full breasts. He sucks both Her nipples before She stands and produces the violet wand. She begins to shock the back of his balls and turns the wand up to get the reaction She desires. After warming up his balls with shock treatment, She slips on balck rubber gloves and probes his asshole with Her fingers. With his neck fastened and bound to the stool, there is nothing he can do but accept multiple fingers in his hole.

Mistress Luxe concluded Her prostate massage of the bound submissive and moved to the front of him. She sat and his head angled sharply into Her wet pussy. He was made to lick and suck at Her hole until She orgasmed. She stood him upright and bound him tight before fasteneing clothespins to his nipples. His cock, stimulated by Her nylon clad thigh, developed an acute erection.

The slave balanced on the bench as Mistress Luxe finished teasing his nipples. After his prostate massage and much pussy licking his balls were ready to burst. Mistress Luxe called Her girlfriend and explained She wanted Her to help humiliate him as She fucked him. She rolled a condom onto his stiff rod and then backed into him. Her girlfriend yelled at him to fuck Her hard. Mistress Luxe told him all the girls at the salon would be using him as their toy. This seemed to excite him greatly and She ordered him to shoot his load. He squirted as the girl on the phone belittled him. Mistress Luxe pulled the condom off him and tied it in a knot. The girls at the salon would have something to pour down his throat.


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