Sensuous Session

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Sensuous Session

Mistress Evie is sitting in the comfortable brown chair browsing through sexy outfits. The young sadistic lady is playing with Her pussy while Her muscular slave lays under Her black high heels. They are strappy black heels with a five inch spike and show Her tiny toes. She is getting wet and orders slave up for tongue service. He dutifully licks Her young sweet pussy as She continues to read. She starts humping his face with excitement and needs more stimulation so She orders him to his back and sits directly down on his face. She orders him to stick out his tongue and fucks his face. She queens him and grinds. Her legs tremble with excitement and She plays with Her clit a bit as She orgasms multiple times directly on his face. She is next playing Her slave having moved him to the office. He is lying flat while She dominates him underfoot.

Mistress Evie humiliates him underfoot and delights in his groveling tongue licking the bottoms of Her shoes clean. She orders him up and ties his hands behind with pantyhose. She moves him into place and puts the black cumboard down in front of his cock and climbs up on the desk. She begins to rub his cock with Her foot and his cock immediately begins leaking precum. She asks him if he still has the taste of Her pussy in his mouth and tells him She will stomp a load out. He is groaning now and She lets off and restarts and finally grinds a big orgasm out of his twitching cock under Her high heel. Next She moves him back to the floor and has him resume cleaning Her shoes as She reclines on him.

The submissive takes a few last licks of Mistress Evie’s black strappy 4” heels and She slips them off. He is then obliged to service Her bare feet with his mouth. She stands up after dominating him with bare feet and tramples him, walking up and down and standing on his chest. She then bends the muscular slave over and hand spanks him. Getting warmed up She removes Her black dress and spanks him some more and then uses the leather dragontail on his ass. More hand spanking turns his ass red. Mistress loves hand spanking. It is very sensuous.

Hand spanking the big muscular slave has made Mistress Evie excited. She finishes spanking him and orders him to lay on his back on the desk. She moves up and over his face and grinds Her hairless young pussy on his face, using him to get off. She spreads Her lips and sensuously uses his face and tongue to please Herself. She orgasms repeatedly and then climbs off his face and allows him to worship Her perfect young breasts. Reaching out She strokes his cock and he rises immediately under Her touch. She moves to quickly put a condom on and begins to suck his stiff cock. Her sensuous mouth sucks, bites and swallows until he finally drains his balls into the condom.