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School Cane Blues (and purples)

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Here is an account told to me by a lifestyle mistress. It’s a favourite schoolboy scene. I should add that the mistress is a true blue English school ma’am.

I had a very interesting and unusual night last weekend. One of my regular naughty boys is a school cleaner who has access to some mobile classrooms at weekends. He and I have known each other quite a long time and I must have gone through quite a few leather paddles and bamboo canes on his worthless backside.

He enjoys being caned and of course, I can think of nothing more pleasurable than wielding a thin swishy cane on a nice virgin arse. Why? There are lots of good reasons to enjoy dishing out a caning: the feel of the thin bamboo..that strange feeling that here is something so light and weightless and yet it can give the most intense pain. It requires no particular strength (though I am as it happens very strong) – it is all in the technique.

Anyway, Mark, my cleaner sub, arranged for me to meet him at the classroom (it is actually part of a further education college but that makes no difference). He was going to play the naughty school boy who had been sent to the headmistress (me) for behaviour correction. I arrived in the gloom of a late July evening and saw a light on in the classroom. Mark opened the door without a word and let me in. I was wearing a long rubber raincoat tightly belted round the waist. Mark had wasted no time in setting things up..there was an old fashioned chalk board standing beside the teacher’s desk and an array of implements for me to choose: an old white PE plimsole, a board ruler and a thin cane.

Mark as had been ordered by me was dressed as an old fashioned schoolboy: short trousers, shirt with tails, and a school cap. I ordered him to stand in front of the desk while I took off the rubber coat: I made a big play of undoing the belt and very slowly revealing what I had on underneath. I was dressed as an old fashioned school maam – tight black skirt, white blouse (buttoned up) and my hair tightly drawn in a bun. Also a pair of black glasses perched down on my nose so that I could peer over the lenses.
“Why have you been sent here boy?” my tone was cold but calm
“Erm I have been naughy…..staring at the girls’ legs in class”
I sat on the desk giving the boy a good view of my black stockinged legs.
“Really….a young pervert are you boy?”
“No, ma’am”
My tone became more angry: “Do not lie to me child. You are a dirty little pervert and that is why you have been sent here. To learn a lesson. Is that clear?’
The ‘boy’ nodded and looked down in disgrace. “Well,” I said with almost a whisper, “we are going to have to beat that out of you..for your own sake. Is that understood?” He nodded. I then took off my spectacles and calmly put them away in the case. Then I leant forward and whispered into the ‘boy’s’ ear: “I want you to take down those trousers, and take down your underpants and then bend over this teacher’s desk. Is that clear?”

more action to come