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Producers Corner (large session photos included in post)

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Had a great new Dominatrix in last weekend. Her name is Emily. She did three scenes and was terrific in all of them. She has that long legged, bitchy look. She has done a lot of Femdom, worked in strip clubs and done some porn. She has long beautiful hair, great body and face.

Big slave david took a solid whipping and spanking and then standing straight up and spread eagled She did some terrific, and painful, NT and CBT. Emily can tie a guys balls up quickly, bisecting his balls and splitting them. Finally She ass fucked him and gave him a slow teasing handjob to release on the black cum plate.

Here is the movie description (it is already about done and going up at Mistress Jennifer very soon). I included some good sized photos taken during the shoot and will have a trailer up on this post soon. – Steve

Excite Mistress Emily

Mistress Emily loves inflicting pain. It makes Her excited. She takes big slave michael apart for 75 minutes in three positions. He takes a hard spanking and whipping with intervals of high heel worship and humiliation in between, then stands for NT and CBT. Finally, on his back, he worships Mistress Emily’s perfect ass, takes Her cock up is ass and is milked out and fed.

Long legged Mistress Emily approached the giant submissive bent over the kneeler his ass stuck in the air. She talked a bit to him explaining he was going to be punished and have his ass beaten then moved behind him to fulfill Her promise. She turned his ass red with the round spanker, taking brief breaks to caress his ass and tell him what a worthless pig he was. She switched to the leather strap and it barked on his ass over and over as She smiled and enjoyed his suffering.

The bound submissive was obliged to kiss and worship the seven inch high heels on his Goddess as She stood over him and gave him a brief respite from the beating, allowing him to worship Her sky high platform heels. She moved behind him with a rubber truncheon now and raised welts and cries. Then She allowed him to breathe and worship Her high heels once more. Next was the stinging quirt and She criss crossed his ass with lashes from the short whip.

Mistress Emily removed Her black dress and picked up the short whip again. She cropped his ass standing tall in Her high heels, Her pet nipples poked through the black lace bra and Her face wore a smile as he screamed from the pain. When his ass and the back of his thighs wore enough marks She stopped and let him collect himself. Next he was fastened standing spread eagled and Mistress Emily attached clamps to his nipples. She knew he did not like nipple torment and this made it even more fun for Her as She pulled the rings and watched him shrivel in pain. She bound his cock with rope and bisected his balls so they were big and taut encased in the rope.

Kneeling Mistress Emily surveyed his bound balls and squeezed, flicked and slapped them, enjoying him cry out in pain. She stood and pulled his nipple clamps while She roughly handled his manhood. Now Her high heeled foot came up and She started to kick him over and over. His bound balls bounced as Her seven inch shoe found its mark. After softening him up with Her shoe She used Her well-manicured hands to torment his bound sack, tucking his cock She had made hard into the black belt to give Her easy access. Now She went at his balls with Her black whip.

After all the beating and cock teasing his balls were bound and blue and his cock was still hard. She squeezed the head and a huge drip of pre-cum dropped onto the floor from his cock hole. For that release She beat his balls some more with Her black whip and then produced the violet wand and shocked his cock and balls with electricity until he was hanging limp and exhausted. Now he was on his back and She was perched up on his face, Her tight ass grinding on his mouth.

With the slave’s head directly under Her ass Mistress Emily ordered him to rim Her hole and dominated him under Her ass. Face sitting fans rejoice as Mistress Emily twists and grinds on the slave’s face making him work and humiliating him while She totally enjoys Herself. She turns and drops Her ass hole on his tongue again, this time posting up and down and wiping Her holes on his face like toilet paper.

Mistress Emily finishes riding Her ass on the bound slave’s face and has gotten very wet watching him and his tired tongue work so hard under Her ass. She moves the vibrator into place and, with Her pussy directly over his mouth, cums hard, the sweet moist cum sprinkles his lips. She puts on a strap-on and moves behind him and enters him with Her rubber cock. She fucks him as She winds a cord around his balls. Leaning in She is in him all the way as She rocks in and out and pulls on the ball leash.

Mistress Emily slips out of Her black lace bra and resumes fucking him in the ass. She spits down and starts to give him a slow teasing handjob as Her cock stabs up his backside. He groans and asks to cum. She stops immediately but continues to fuck him. Once he has calmed, Her long fingers stroke his shaft again. She wraps the cord around his cock and balls and continues to tease him manually. Once again he asks for release and once again She stops and denies him. She fucks him some more and finally the third time tells him he can release his ball poison, moving the black cum plate into position as Her expert hand milks a gigantic load out. She continues well past the point he is finished to torment him then slowly feeds him the plate load.