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Pretty Vicious

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Witness 6’4” red haired Mistress Sabrina Fox explore cum slut tosha’s limits for 70 minutes as She probes his ass with Her high heeled boot and several dildos and then subjects him to some excruciatingly brutal CBT, including branding the head of his penis. Her loyal cum slut is allowed to release on Her bare size 11 feet at the finale.

Long lean Mistress Sabrina has full command of cum slut tosha’s ass under the heel of Her boot. Vinyl shines as She lubes up the high heel for a bit of anal skewering. A drop of lube for the bent submissive and then an exploratory heel takes a dark journey and deep as Sabrina tests his hole. She next inserts a dildo into the loosened hole and uses the bottom of Her boot to drive it deep.

The lovely red haired Mistress Sabrina finished Her boot play from behind the bent male and then moved in front to have them tongue cleaned as She casually smoked a cigarette. She used tosha as Her ashtray and spit into his mouth. Once more behind his ass, he was unable to move as She inserted a very large dildo in up to its rubber balls. Enjoying watching his hole opening made Her wet so She moved in front of him and he licked Her ass.

The vibrator against Her clit hummed softlay as She had tongue slut tosha clean Her bottom out. Mistress Sabrina queened him for a bit and then he was hung up for inspection. She decided to test his loyalty and lit a cigarette casually asking him how much he would take for Her. She applied Her cigarette to the sensitive nerve bundle that was the tip of his dick. He was given Her breasts in his face as reward for taking so much on the tip of his penis for Her.

Mistress Sabrina inquired as to how much weight his balls would support and he offered 20 lbs.. She pulled on his nutsack, estimating about how much 20 lbs. of pressure would be as he squealed in pain. She started in on some CBT with a light cock flogging. She had a huge bowel filled with assorted clips and pinchers. She attached a mousetrap and clamps to his nipples and then moved to start tormenting his swollen cock and tender shaft.

The little tiny clamps with razor sharp teeth seemed to hurt his cock the worst. Mistress Sabrina festooned his cock and balls in clothespins and then played with it as he groaned in pain. She whipped, he counts and together the finally manage to get the pins from his private parts. Mistress Sabrina’s cool beauty makes for some exciting CBT. In the next scene, She takes Her eager little slut in the ass pussy with Her strap-on.

Mistress Sabrina rides Her spread legged submissive and Her gloved hands massage and manipulate his cock and balls. She dismounts and attempts to introduce his ass to a substantially larger black rubber cock. She fucks him again and this time applies the violet wand to his helpless cock. His prostate fully massaged, he goes to his knees before Her and releases his load onto Her bare feet. He is made to clean his mess from Her feet in various humiliating positions.