Face Sitting, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Domination — March 18, 2014 10:00 am


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Mistress Tangent is joined by Mistress Severa and they have a nylon loving submissive on his knees to serve. They order him to bring the bench over and they size him up for some pantyhose then he lays down to put them on. Flat on his back he takes Mistress Severa’s high heels in the balls as Mistress Tangent face sits him. The nylons make him horny but the ballbusting he is getting puts a damper on his erection as intended. They stand and he worships their nylon covered asses and swallows spit as they verbally abuse him. He gets intimate with the bottom of their shoes and likcs the dirt clean from Mistress Severa’s pumps.

The bottoms of Mistress Tangent’s black spiked heels get a tongue bath from the slave on his knees as Mistress Severa supervises. His devotion is rewarded with laughs and much amusement then Mistress Tangent pins his hands behind his back and he is allowed stocking worship while being kicked from behind in the balls. The switch places and the lucky slut is allowed to worship Mistress Tangent as Mistress Severa rides his back. With his face buried in Mistress Tangent’s crotch the slave’s muffled moans can be heard. Moans of joy.

They pull the slave’s head out of Mistress Tangent’s crotch and stand him up to examine the effects all the nylon worship has had on his cock. They slap and trap his big dick in the tight black sheer nylons that encase it and then move him to his back against the wall where they begin to torment him some more. Mistress Severa sits on his face as Mistress Tangent stands over him and goes to work on his trapped cock with Her high heels. Mistress Severa’s hard ass grinds on his face and She periodically spits down his throat until they switch places and Mistress Tangent drops down on his face as Mistress Severa begins to abuse his cock with Her stockinged foot.

Mistress Tangent grinds Her ass on his face as the beautiful Mistress Severa goes topless and continues to work his cock over with Her nylon covered feet. Mistress Tangent stands and joins in and he is in ecstasy and agony as four feet demolish his cock trapped in the black nylon. Mistress Tangent moves to foot domination of his face as Mistress Severa is relentless and shows no mercy to his nylon trapped cock until She turns and sits down on it and rubs Her ass on him while Her partner resumes face sitting. They bump and grind on his face and cock as their perfect young natural breasts bobble and they laugh and laugh at his expense.

Mistress Tangent grinds Her nylon covered ass on his cock as Mistress Severa sits on his face and they both tickle torture him and twist his nipples so that he squirms delicisouly for them in agony and ecstasy. The bounce and grind and laugh hysterically. Then he is moved over a bench and tied tight as they sit on the black couch and feed him their nylon covered feet. A wonderful foot feast of two pairs of sweaty gorgeous dainty nylon covered feet for him to suck and clean. Mistress Tangent moves behind him with a paddle and spanks him as Mistress Severa continues the feet onslaught in the front.

Mistress Tangent turns his ass red  as She can clearly see through his sheer black pantyhose as Mistress Severa has him clean the rest of the sweat through Her nylon covered feet. They switch places and Mistress Severa picks up paddling his ass while Her partner resumes his foot feast in the front. They both stand and move in front of him and now it is all ass in face for the lucky slave his face is used. They turn and make him smell the sweat and essence from their crotches. He is tied tight and can only kiss and worship as they take turns make him pay homage to their pussies.