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Perfection 2

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Perfection 2

Mistress Tangent demands to know why big slave david has not finished his baby bottle of golden nectar. No satisfactory answer so he is locked into the standing stock and his punishment begins. She uses the spanker and small cane to redden his ass and get him ready then lashes him with the leather slapper.

More punishment in bondage for the big slave as Mistress Tangent destroys his ass with the cane, hard wooden paddle and slappers. She is topless and looks perfect. Happiness crosses Her face often as his ass gets a deep red and purple. She moves him over the horse and fucks him with Her strap-on.

More fucking and punishment over the horse as a topless Mistress Tangent alternates caning the big submissive and fucking him up the ass. She makes him kiss and lick Her strap-on after She has done fucking his hole. Now he must produce cum for Her as he licks the bottom of her boot. He shoots a huge load onto Her boot top and is made to lick it clean as She laughs at him.