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Perfect Partners

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Perfect Partners

Mistress Alexis and Mistress Monica use slave twitch for more then 34 minutes for their fun and their pleasure. The story starts with our Mistress pair dressed in office apparel taking turns putting the male pig named twitch over their knees and giving him a good spanking. Slowly the Mistresses discard layers of clothing while using the submissive. Mistress Alexis has him lick her pussy while Mistress Monica uses a paddle on his tight ass. The ladies have him lick their shoes to remind him where his place is, all the while enjoying each other, laughing and having a great time. Mistress Alexis and Mistress Monica find an attraction to one another and while twitch eats the pussy of one Mistress, She finds the second Mistress kissing her making the scene even hotter. Our Mistresses strap on some dildos to fuck the submissive but first they have him suck the dildos and wet them thoroughly. They take turns fucking the piece of meat, whipping him, and then instruct him to cum while they play with each other and watch.

Mistress Alexis and Mistress Monica find submissive twitch in their office. they decide to use him up and humiliate this worthless submissive. First they have him suck their pussies while they laugh slapping his ass over their knees. It gets hot as our Mistresses get their clits and assholes licked. Slowly the Mistress pair strip off layers of clothing. The piece of dark meat is on his knees where he belongs receiving his spankings and padelings by these two gorgeous Mistress Goddesses. The Mistresses finish the scene having the submissive clean their sparkly black spike heels with his tongue.

Mistress Monica rides the submissive twitch while he cleans Mistress Alexis’s bare feet. The two Mistresses find this hotter then they imagined and begin to kiss, open mouthed and wet, smothering the submissives face into Mistress Alexis’s pussy where his tongue is buried. Mistress Monica backs up and does a little CBT on the submissive. Her high sparkly heels pound in on his wimpy balls while he still has his face smothered in Mistress Alexis’s pussy. The ladies are about to tag team dominate this submissive more then he ever imagined, the fun has just begun.

Our Mistresses decide to pound this piece of meat with some strap on fun. They slowly put the strap-ons on over their black lace panties while the submissive watches what he is going to be used with. They find this all very enjoyable and look forward to the submissive being their toy. The Mistresses have him suck the big plastic cocks strapped to their gorgeous bodies. He takes the cock full in his mouth and knows his ass will be used with this shortly. Mistress Monica starts by entering the submissive with a red glass cock and fucks his lubed up ass while he sucks the dildo on Mistress Alexis. The ladies switch places and use black leather whips on his back while his ass is being used. Mistress Alexis has a bigger white dildo on that shows up nicely against submissive twitches black ass.

Our Mistresses Alexis and Monica continue to take turns fucking the submissive with their strap ons and using whips on his back. They turn him over on the oversized leather chair and Mistress Alexis takes more turns riding his face while Mistress Monica fucks his wet gaping ass hole. As Mistress Alexis wriggles her pussy on his face, She leans over and kisses Her partner, their wet lips and tongues meeting while the submissive is tormented with the strap on.  After a few more moments of this hotness the ladies have their submissive stand before them and jack his cock and all its jizz onto their breasts. They kiss and giggle while he strokes his cock and when he cums, Mistress Alexis makes the useless wimp lick his own juices off her hot breasts while Mistress Monica looks on.


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