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Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Tongue Bath’

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Tongue Bath

Mistresss Monica takes you on a pantyhose infused 37 minute ordeal of new submissive donovan. This pervert can not keep his hands off his cock as Mistress Monica has him sniffing panties, worshipping Her ass and providing lots of shoe and foot service as She casually reclines and enjoys the tongue bath. Young Mistress Monica looks like a Victoria Secrets model as She straps-on and makes donovan suck. He cannot contain himself and squirts a load on Her nylon covered foot and then licks it off.

Mistress Monica walks in looking like a Victoria Secrets model having been out for the evening and now finding a naked slut playing with himself in Her living room. She sits and berates him as he uses his tongue on the bottom of Her high heel. She takes off Her top and face sits the horny little bastard and then orders him to put on pantyhose while She is sitting on his face. He wiggles smothering beneath Her ass as his tongue never stops trying to please his interest and his feet cartwheel into the pantyhose.

Mistress Monica stands over Donovan and strips off Her tight black skirt revealing black panties over Her black pantyhose. She knows he is excited as his cock swells, trapped in the pantyhose he is wearing. Her crotch grinds on his face as She plays with the bulge in his hose. She sits and orders him to clean the bottom of Her spike heeled sandals with his tongue. He licks off all the dirt and is allowed to remove Her shoe and worship Her perfect nylon covered toes.

Now Mistress Monica wants to test the pantyhose clad sissy and orders him to crawl to the line of panties She has laid out on the floor and sniff each one to see if he can smell which She wore last. His nylon covered ass is kicked as he sniffs each in turn. The ones he chooses are not the right ones and are used to bind his cock and balls before Mistress Monica pulls the pantyhose back over his bulge. She puts him over Her knee and spanks his ass to pink. Pushing him down, She turns and orders him to thoroughly clean Her pussy and ass holes. She pulls Her cheeks apart as he tongue bathes Her private parts. This has made Her extremely wet and She positions him on the floor to leverage Herself as She face sits him.

Mistress Monica grinds on his face and tells the pantyhose clad sissy to play with his cock so She can watch.. She turns and squats on his face, grinding Her pussy down hard. She turns several times so Her pussy hole and ass hole get a thorough tongue bath from the tongue beneath Her. She puts all the panties on donovan’s face and heads out of the room. Returning She is wearing Her strap-on and makes the sissy kneel and suck the head. She tells him to keep playing with his cock as Her foot steps on his swollen balls. Her foot, the cock in his mouth and rubbing himself results in a big load on the top of Mistress Monica’s nylon covered foot. She sits back and has him tongue bath his wad off Her foot.