Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘The Milking Game’

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The Milking Game

Mistress Danielle toys with a tightly bound and spread submissive for 24 minutes before extracting the poison from his balls. She perches Her hairy pussy on his face and plays with his cock in his pantyhose before Her strong hands extract the load straight into a clear glass bowl.

Mistress Danielle had Her submissive strapped tight to the table. His legs were held wide open by the spreader bar and he was wearing tan pantyhose. Danielle crops him a bit and then swings up over his face and goes fishing in his pantyhose for his cock. She traps and untraps it in his nylons as She orders him to eat Her hairy pussy. Her gorgeous ass smothers him as She slaps his cock to full attention

Perched over Her submissive’s face, Mistress Danielle sat straight and queened over him with Her hairy pussy. She talks to him constantly, inquiring how he likes Her crotchless pantyhose that frame Her gorgeous pussy. She reaches back and massages and slaps his cock that is trapped in the pantyhose. She dismounts and plays with his organ a bit before putting a funnel gag in his mouth. He tries to talk through the gag as She stimulates his cock with Her hand, preparing him for milking.

Mistress Danielle has Her submissive stiff and interrupts to retrieve a clear bowl She sets on his belly. She tells him he will be completely evacuated into the bowl. She swings one long leg up and straddles his face, knowing this will make him more excited and shutting him up at the same time as he tries to talk through the funnel gag holding his jaws apart. She queens Her ass over him as She extracts the load of male poison from his swollen nut sack. He squirts hard from Her milking hand into the clear bowl. She examines his offering and then proceeds to feed him his juices from up above.