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Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Red Room Therapy’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Red Room Therapy

Mistress Sarah has 46 minutes of plans to lower your self esteem at the end of Her strap-on while you act as Her ashtray, your jaws held wide apart by a metal dental dam. Watch Her dish out Her brand of therapy to the groveling slut jack. Between intervals of ass fucking jack, She orders him to worship Her perfect breasts. In red corset and pantyhose, Mistress Sarah is a natural, dominant beauty that enjoys having a little slut to use as She pleases.

Mistress Sarah sits smoking a cigarette and wearing a red corset and seamed pantyhose. She speaks directly at you and orders you to your knees to worship Her feet. Standing over you She discusses how wet it makes Her tormenting men. She goes to submissive jack, who is wearing his own pantyhose, and ties his hands with more pantyhose. She orders him to smell Her pussy and then has him perform ass worship.

A bit of play with slut jack’s nipples and Mistress Sarah slips on a red strap-on. She has jack orally service Her rubber cock and enjoys watching him drool and suck. She ties pantyhose around his neck and then around Her, forcing the cock down his throat. Ordered over the chair, jack is taken from behind. Mistress Sarah plants Her strong legs and delivers a humiliating reminder of who has the power as She plows over and over into jack’s supple ass hole.

Mistress Sarah continues to drill submissive jack from behind. She grabs the legs of the pantyhose She tied around his neck earlier and uses them as reins as She enjoys the feel of his contracting butt hole around Her rubber cock. She pulls out and produces an inflatable ass plug which She introduces into jack’s hole and makes him sit down, driving the butt plug deep. She inflates the plug and zaps his cock and balls with the violet wand, laughing as he rears back. She puts in the metal dental dam to force his jaws open and lights a cigarette. He is used for ashtray service as a razor sharp pinwheel is dragged across his chest by Mistress Sarah.

Mistress Sarah smokes and teases slut jack with Her cigarette ember. She steps into the large sized, 8”, flesh colored strap-on and pleadins to fuck his ass from behind. She takes him with deep, long strokes and alternates speed as he writes at the end of Her rubber cock. She stops and sensuously orders him to worship Her perfect, natural 36D breasts. She orders him back down to pay for his pleasure and fucks him hard missionary style with his legs over his head. She looks down at him and laughs.

Her perfect breasts shake deliciously as Mistress Sarah concludes Her strap-on humiliation of slut jack. She drives him to the floor and leans in to get every bit of the 8” cock up his hole. She pulls Her cock out and fastens his hands out of the way. Holding a long, think rope tied to his balls, Mistress Sarah lights up a cigarette and uses jack as Her ashtray and footstool. She decides to put Her initial into his behind with Her cigarette so that he might remember Her red room therapy session more vividly for some time.