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Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Mindfucking Manhole’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party


Mindfucking Manhole

Witness a humiliating 83 minute experience for slave manhole at the well manicured hands of Mistress Monique and Mistress Autumn. He is forced to worship their armpits, put into pantyhose and wears rubber breasts as he dances with a butt plug up his ass before eating both their assholes and pussies clean while in bondage. Mistress Monique starts the strap-on party as Mistress Autumn wraps Her long legs around his neck. In the dungeon, they take turns fucking him before making him release his load on their feet and lick it up.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Monique have lanky slave manhole on his knees where he belongs in front of them. They laugh and provide him with their fragrant armpits to smell and lick. They take time to spit down his throat and make him swallow their saliva before humiliating him in their armpits again. Down to the floor he is ordered to worship the 8” heels of Mistress Autumn

Sucking Mistress Autumn’s 8” high heel made for some amusement. The ladies both removed their shoes and used their nylon covered feet to tantalize and tease slave manhole. He sucked toes and smelled the delicious odor of his Mistresses well manicured feet before being turned and having his hands tied behind him by Mistress Monique. His face was shoved into Mistress Autumn’s pussy for worship and then they switched places.

Let the ass kicking begin. The Ladies take turns sitting on mahole’s head to keep him still and kicking his ass over and over. The two sadists put rubber breasts on the humiliated male and then apply lipstick. He is forced to put on a pair of pantyhose and dance as they laugh and pull the pantyhose that is tied to his balls. He is bent over and they insert a butt plug in his ass to make his humiliation more intense.

The Ladies decide it is time for oral service. The pantyhose clad and humiliated slave manhole is first made to lick and tongue Mistress Autumn’s wet and glistening pussy lips. Mistress Monique holds his head and twists his arm behind him to insure optimal oral performance. Mistress Autumn turns and holds Her ass cheeks apart so he can thoroughly rim Her dusky asshole. They switch places and Mistress Monique gets Her gaping pussy hole cleaned  by the dominated slave manhole under the guidance of Mistress Monique.

Mistress Monique turns after getting Her pussy hole cleaned and presents slave manhole with Her asshole. Under Mistress Autumn’s strict guidance, he rims and cleans Her asshole out thoroughly. You can almost taste the tangy brown goodness as his tongue swirls around and Mistress Autumn eggs him on. The Ladies grab a large yellow dildo and each inserts it into Her pussy until they are joined at the pussy holes. They fuck each other and order slave manhole to go below and lick the dildo as it slides in and out of their holes. They pull it out of their pussies and make him lick both ends before Mistress Monique drops Her wet pussy on his face again for more tongue.

Mistress Autumn spreads Her ass cheeks and drops Her asshole onto slave manhole’s face. She grinds it in and he tongue fucks Her beautiful shit hole as Mistress Monique begins to rub his cock and balls. Mistress Autumn spins on his face and he cleans Her pussy lips off as his hard cock is toyed with by Mistress Monique. His cock is ready to burst so they stop and Mistress Monique makes him suck Her strap-on as he is spanked over Mistress Autumn’s knee. Mistress Monique sits on the bench and they command him to back into Her cock and fuck Herself. He is then put to the floor and Mistress Monique starts to fuck him from behind.

In one of our hottest strap-on scenes ever, Mistress Monique fucks slave mahole missionary style as Mistress Autumn wraps Her long legs around his neck and squeezes. She laughs and controls his head as Mistress Monique plunges Her cock deep inside his ass. Mistress Autumn plays with Her tits as She gets excited watching his face in pain. They move him down to the dungeon and Mistress Monique continues to fuck him on his back as he sucks Mistress Autumn’s cock. The Ladies switch places and Mistress Autumn enters his ass and begins to fuck his hole.

Mistress Autumn fucks slave manhole’s ass as Mistress Monique massages his balls and applies the grey vibrator to the back side of his cock. They want to build up his load for the release. He is moved to his back to eat Mistress Monique’s pussy as Mistress Autumn works on tease and denial of his cock. Mistress Autumn climbs up on his face for more oral service and then he is put to his knees and ordered to stroke off under their gaze. He cums a huge load on their feet and is ordered to lick it up.