Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – ‘The Best Part’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

The Best Part

Mistress Lia and Mistress Monica star in a 50 minute torment of slave Spartacus at Pantyhose Supremacy. It all turns to a nylon haze for this sturdy submissive as the Ladies ties his cock up right through his pantyhose and then proceed to face sit and trample him until he is raw. They strip down to their pantyhose and whip him red, then attach a strap-on over his cock and allow him to penetrate Mistress Monica. Tied standing, he is tag team milked until he jets cum all over Mistress Monica’s perky young breasts.

The fun starts as the Ladies tell Spartacus to strip down and find he is wearing pantyhose under his clothes. They tie up his cock right through the pantyhose after teasing and trapping it until it is stiff. He is ordered to the floor for foot worship and face sitting. Mistress Monica rides him as he eats the feet of Mistress Lia. They rough  him up under their nylons until he is fully warmed up and starting to turn red from abuse.

Flat on his back with two pantyhose clad nymphs working him over, Spartacus finds Mistress Lia choking him out as Mistress Monica rides his cock through Her pantyhose. They switch and double sit on him, using them as their horse and giving each other kisses. Mistress Monica removes Her top and then Mistress Lia does the same. The two topless sadists trample him without mercy. He can only lay helpless his cock still at full attention trapped inside his pantyhose.

The Ladies take a turn jumping off the bench onto their prone submissive and then kick and trample him some more. They face sit him at the same time and then tell him he is going to fuck Mistress Monica and laugh. They put a strap-on over his trapped cock and Mistress Monica bends low, Her pantyhose down. His cock head peeks out over the leather harness, still tied in the pantyhose. He fucks Mistress Monica as Mistress Lia supervises. She orders him to his knees to lick Her wet hole several times and he resumes fucking Her. She has several loud orgasms during his exercise.

Mistress Lia removes the submissives strap-on and makes him lick Mistress Monica’s juices from the shaft as the Ladies sit and laugh. He is then shown attached to the cross and each of the women take a whip and circle him, whipping him continually until his skin starts to turn beet red. His cock is still very hard and tied up through his pantyhose as Mistress Monica pauses several times to bend in front of him to tease him with Her firm ass. They untie his cock and both kneel and start to play with his cock and balls through the nylon.

The Ladies laugh and tell him he has to show them who is the prettiest. Both will be milking his cock and the one he squirts on is his favorite. Mistress Lia grabs his shaft and strokes and they tag team milk him, stopping several times to lube up his red and sore cock. Finally, Mistress Monica strokes the shaft as Mistress Lia has a very firm grip on both his balls and he begs permission to cum. Mistress Monica, very excited, grants him permission and he squirts an enormous amount of jism all over Her perky young breasts. They feed him some of his load and laugh at his predicament as he hangs limp and drained.