Pantyhose Domination, Strap-On — July 3, 2012 8:47 am

Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – ‘Such A Bitch’

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Such A Bitch

Mistress Lia joins Mistress Monica to break down slave marco for 40 minutes. They have him tied standing and festoon him with clothespins, encase his head in nylon, make him suck a big fat dildo and tie his cock and balls up tight so their feet can find the mark. They lay him flat for some facesitting and trample and then he sucks Lia’s strap-on and is bent over the bed as they take turns fucking him up the ass. Mistress Lia tries to break the already cracked wooden paddle on his ass and smiles as he screams. Not to be missed for corporeal punishment fans as his ass turns cherry red.

Big submissive marco is strapped to the bed pole, legs held wide apart in the spreader bar. Mistress Monica encases his head in pantyhose and the two cruel vixens go to work tying up his cock and balls in predicament bondage and then using their nylon covered feet to hurt him. They apply clothespins to marco and laugh hysterically as he squirms.

Both Ladies put clothespins on the big submissive and then Mistress Monica feeds him a rubber cock as Her partner uses a couple impact instruments to beat his muscular thighs so he moans around the big cock in mouth. The Ladies both take their tops up in this clip and their perfect natural breasts shake as they continue tormenting marco by trying to skip rope using his cock to hold a pair of pantyhose. He is laid flat on the bed for bastinado and Mistress Monica sits on his face as Mistress Lia takes the first turn punishing the bottom of his feet.

Mistress Lia feels marco is not screaming loud enough into Mistress Monica’s pussy on his face so She switches to a stout black cane to beat the bottom of his feet. This does the trick and he is really suffering. Monica wants to take a turn and the Ladies switch places. As Mistress Lia sits heavily on his face and then turns and sits the other way, enjoying how he is moaning in pain as Her young partner swings away. Mistress Monica then joins Lia on top of the submissive and both squirm on him, enjoying the feel of the nylon between their pussies and the big submissive.

Mistress Lia straps on and Mistress Monica ties marco’s hands behind him with a pair of pantyhose. He is on his knees and positioned to suck Lia’s cock. Mistress Monica encourages him, first holding his head and then fetching a red whip to beat him continually as he chokes on the big cock down his throat. They move him over the bed and Mistress Lia fucks him hard up the ass as Mistress Lia positions his face directly in Her pussy, enjoying the vibration from his crying.

Things really turn nasty for the big submissive as Mistress Lia finishes up fucking his backside and Mistress Monica moves behind him to take Her turn on his ass. Mistress Lia decides to break the wooden paddle on his ass and they rotate, Mistress Monica fucking him and Lia beating his ass with the paddle until he screams and begs Her to stop. Her face lights up with sadistic pleasure as the Ladies continue this harsh treatment until the bitch can take no more.