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Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update Sample – ‘Blonde Ballbreakers 2’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Blonde Ball Breakers 2

Two sadistic blondes take slave lance on a 46 minute journey through hell. He worships their petite nylon covered feet and his balls are tied with nylons and abused for their amusement. With his arms bound tight behind him in nylon he offers up his balls to the gorgeous pantyhose clad Dominatrixes. Miss Lydia and Mistress Missy aim kick after kick, slap after slap at his purple balls as they ride him around like their pony and make him worship their asses. After his balls are used and abused, they put him on all fours for some ass stretching

Mistress Missy is waiting for Miss Lydia so She puts slave lance to work worshipping Her tan high heeled shoes. She stretches Her leg out and allows him to savor Her perfect 5 ½ sized shoe. He gets a taste of Her nylon covered foot and is allowed to lick the bottoms of Her heels before Miss Lydia arrives and sticks Her feet in his face as Mistress Missy ties his hands behind with pantyhose. The Ladies kick and abuse his balls, cover his head in nylon and make him worship their feet and legs.

The Ladies are turning up the pain as they stuff his mouth full of pantyhose and continue to tighten the nylon wrappings on his cock and balls. Feet fly as his balls are kicked around hard. Miss Lydia is super sadistic as She puts some real pain on him. Mistress Missy goes topless and holds lance then moves to the front and takes Her turn on his balls. He is sweating hard as both women pummel him with feet and slaps.

The big submissive is in agony as the women show no mercy and continue to dominate and abuse him. He is leashed by Mistress Missy as Miss Lydia continue to break his balls. His big balls are swollen and purple as they bend him over the chair. Mistress Missy, topless, rides his back as Miss Lydia delivers the ball busting. He is ridden like a pony and made to amuse them.

Miss Lydia hands slave lance a pair of pantyhose and they make him attempt to put them on while they are on top of him. Miss Lydia crops his balls like a race horse as Mistress Missy face sits the struggling submissive. Foot domination and face sitting from Mistress Missy as Miss Lydia delivers non-stop attention to his hurting balls. Miss Lydia stands up on him and dominates as Her partner wiggles Her pantyhose covered rear on his face.

The big submissives balls are purple and his pantyhose is ripped as he is ordered to all fours on the table. Miss Lydia and Mistress Missy are intent on stretching his ass. Miss Lydia fucks his ass with a dildo as Mistress Missy rides his back like a cow girl. His red ass is then penetrated with a vibrating black blow up butt plug. Miss Lydia’s well manicured hands blow up the plug in his ass as Mistress Missy spanks him. Lots of verbal abuse and a gorgeous and topless Mistress Missy having great chemistry with the sadistic Miss Lydia. Truly having a good time at his expense.