Mindfucking Manhole 2

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Mindfucking Manhole 2

Mistress Paris picks up a stranger and, together with Mistress Ashley, spend 67 minutes tormenting the lucky submissive and allowing him to indulge his pantyhose fantasies as he is humiliated, anally probed and made to milk himself. The lovely ladies keep his face in their pussies and ass, tie him up with pantyhose, put red fishnets on him, and keep his balls bouncing and his ass filled.

Mistress Paris and Mistress Ashley flipped a coin to see who would fish up the next submissive off the street. Mistress Paris won and returned home from the beach with slave manhole. The ladies found a rubber vagina in his pocket that he had been using to stimulate himself with. He was humiliated and made to lick the plastic pussy and then Mistress Paris gave him a dose of real pussy while Her partner helped him sniff and savor on his knees.

With the taste of Mistress Paris’ pussy in his mouth the slave kept glancing at Mistress Ashley’s pantyhose. He got a face full of Her hose and heels while Mistress Paris put on a pair of flesh colored crotchless pantyhose. She humiliated him at Her feet as Mistress Ashley bound his hands behind with a spare pair of pantyhose. Mistress Ashley turned on the chair and beckoned him in to lick Her asshole.

Mistress Paris jammed slave manhole’s face into Mistress Ashley’s ass and paddled him through his shorts. His mouth was filled with Ashley’s foot as he was spanked and then they ordered him up to produce his cock for inspection. He stroked his feeble cock for them as they laughed and then they kicked him into the other room and Mistress Paris straddled his face as Mistress Ashley put red pantyhose on him. The Ladies then dominate his face and cock.

The lanky submissive writhed under Mistress Paris’ pussy as Mistress Ashley stepped all over his balls. The Ladies switched and Mistress Ashley had a turn on his face as Paris kept him occupied with some manual CBT. They pinched his nipples with forceps and then stood him up for some abuse. The ladies alternated holding his bound arms behind and tormenting him with their feet from the front. The slave was helpless as first one, and then the other took turns lashing into his balls with their feet.

Mistress Ashley punches, pinches and tickles slave manhole as Paris holds him tight. Next Mistress Ashley is feeding him strap-on and then Her partner puts Her naked pussy on his face as he lays back curled up. Mistress Paris produces an 8” vibrating dildo and crams it into his ass while Mistress Ashley holds his legs as they try and flail. With his ass now loosened, Mistress Ashley can fuck him with Her strap-on.

With Mistress Ashley’s panties binding his balls, slave manhole takes Her cock as Mistress Paris crops his swollen balls. Flipped over the chair, he continues taking Ashley’s cock as Paris crops his back and then puts Her ass in his face. Switching, Mistress Paris fucks his face with a strap-on while Mistress Ashley plunges the vibrating dildo down his shit hole and turns it on high. They flip him to his back and Mistress Paris fucks him as Ashley holds his legs high. She orders him to stroke himself off and moves Her nylon covered foot into position. He pops a load out on Her foot and She stands and makes him lick it off.