Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – ‘Kendra in Control’

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Kendra in Control

Mistress Kendra James delivers 69 minutes of pantyhose infused punishment to slave david. In high heels throughout, She starts in a simple black dress and reveals lacy lingerie as She face sits and softens him up with slaps, pinches and lots of verbal humiliation. Pantyhose is wrapped around his screaming face and then he struggles to put his pantyhose on with Mistress Kendra making it as difficult as possible. Strap-on sucking and fucking as he gets his cherry taken by his favorite Mistress and then some hard corporeal for having not performed up to par.

Long, pantyhose clad legs stoll to where naked slave david lays and waits hooded. Mistress Kendra has him suck Her high heel and begins his training. She tries to elicit some conversation but he fails miserably and She slaps his face and pinches his sensitive nipples. Sitting astride him She whips his cock and nipples with the leash end and his screaming is infuriating so She takes a pair of pantyhose and encases his face and then continues to torment him as his face is flattened under Her ass.

Mistress Kendra has shrugged off Her sexy black dress and continues to torment slave david in a sexy red lingerie outfit and high heels. She slips off Her shoes and rubs Her feet over his encased face, taking breaks to torment his nipples and then sits full weight on his face while punching and pinching the screaming slave. His voice is muffled by the pantyhose wrapped around his face and he sits straight up into Her nylon clad ass as She relentlessly abuses him with Her perfect well manicured hands.

Mistress Kendra stands slave david up and removes his leash She give him the pantyhose She has unwrapped from his head and orders him to put them on for Her but She does not intend to make it easy. He lays on his back and She uses Her feet and ass on his face to make it as difficult as possible. He squirms and struggles as She smiles, trying to slip the clingy nylon on over his legs. Finally, with his pantyhose on, he watches as Mistress Kendra slips on Her strap-on telling him She knows he has a virgin asshole and intends on taking his cherry. Now it is time for him to suck Her cock and he obligingly gets to his knees and swallows Her rubber cock. She rhythmically fucks his hooded face

Now lashed on his back, slave david lays very still as Mistress Kendra cuts a hole in his pantyhose so She can use Her strap-on up his ass. She takes Her time and delights in making him squirm as She presses the cold steel to his balls. Great castration fantasy verbal as She explains how She will take his balls out, first cutting a slit up his ball seam and then squeezing them out. He does not need them anyway. She lubes Her fingers and gives him a painful finger exam. His screams echo as his virgin ass is penetrated for the first time. She finally succeeds in getting several fingers in as he thrashes about and then uses a vibrating curved prostate massager to relax his tight opening.

Now it is time for Mistress Kendra to break Her thrashing virgin in and She steps up between his spread legs and enters him. He cries and screams but She has no mercy. His tight ass has never had anything in it and he screams bloody murder but She does not let up. In and out She drives the hard rubber cock, enjoying every minute of his suffering at the end of it. Her beautiful face lights up and She scolds him for being a whining baby and then leans in and gives him more of the shaft. Finally, at the end of his ordeal, She makes him kiss and thank the filthy cock that has deflowered him for the first time.

As a final punishment in slave david’s training, Mistress Kendra shows Her most sadistic side as She beats him ass with a leather strap. She rubs Her long nylon covered legs against his quivering ass between smacks until his ass starts turning cherry red. She moves to get the hard wooden paddle and begins to beat his ass as he twists and turns to try and get away. She starts and stops, making him present his ass for Her and laughs as his screams echo through the room, Her beautiful face alight at his suffering.

Now for the most painful of finishes as Mistress Kendra completes his paddling and then pulls his pantyhose down to check the results. She brushes his ass with Her leg and teases the swollen sore ass with Her long nimble fingers before producing the clothespin strips and clamping them on his inner thigh. She begins to whip him with the harsh quirt whip and he cannot take it, thrashing and screaming like crazy. She only laughs and whips him ore and then rips one of the strips off and he nearly goes through the wall. She laughs and laughs and then removes the other strip and whips him until he can take no more.