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Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – ‘Gamble Gone Wrong’

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Gamble Gone Wrong

Watch long legged Mistress Alexis unload on Her husband after discovering he had gambled away their rent money. He pays dearly for 71 minutes as She humiliates him, spanks him and makes him eat Her pussy out. She ties up his cock and balls with pantyhose and crops them until they are bruised and purple. She buckles on Her strap-on and fucks him up the ass before rubbing a load out of his worthless cock while it is trapped in the pantyhose.

Mistress Alexis confronts Her stupid husband and informs him She has discovered his losing ticket that showed he gambled away the rent money for the month. She is really pissed off and orders him to strip. He is wearing pantyhose under his jeans and that is the only redeeming thing for Her as She orders him to his knees to worship Her high heels and legs. She bends him over and spanks him with the belt and then bare handed as She continually berates him verbally for his misdeed.

The big stupid lug is ordered to lick the bottoms of Her high heels cleaned as She preens on the couch. He sucks and licks as She verbally abuses him then has him remove Her shoes for foot worship. She slaps his big stupid face back and forth and dominates him with Her nylon covered feet. She orders him to his back and continues to dominate him under Her feet, focusing on his face and abusing him verbally for his stupid errors.

Mistress Alexis removes Her shirt and tramples the big idiot. She stomps on his chest and face and then drops Her bare pussy onto his mouth and order him to lick it clean. She smothers him front and back and grinds Her fat pussy lips on his face. Standing, She chokes him with Her foot and then, unable to contain Her anger. Gets him in a wrestling hold and tries to choke him unconscious. She leverages with Her long legs and verbally abuses him while She chokes him. She throw him to the floor and scissors his neck in a fit of rage.

After choking him out with Her arms and legs She turns and sticks Her ass in his face for worship. He inhales Her sweat and pussy juice and then She ties his hands behind him and puts him on his back for more torment. She sits her bare pussy on his face and ties up his cock and balls tight with pantyhose. She stuffs it in and out of his pantyhose in a big ball of tied cock, alternatively licking it hard and slapping it soft.

She is on top and dominating him as he lays on his bound hands. His cock is puruple and tied in pantyhose and She traps and untraps it, using Her size and weight to keep his legs down as She slaps his balls silly. She continues to verbally humiliate him as She makes him lick Her pussy hole on his face. She uses the nipple clamps as She sits on his chest and then changes into another pair of pantyhose.

Mistress Alexis puts on a pair of sheer flesh colored pantyhose and ties Her used pantyhose around his nick and slaps him in the face over and over then moves to put on Her strap-on. She makes him suck Her hard rubber cock and then orders him to bend low on the couch and cuts a small hole to access his ass pussy for fucking. She uses the used white pantyhose wrapped tight aound his neck as a leash and rides him from behind, ignoring his groans and fucking him hard. She moves him to the floor on his back and tells him to put his bitch legs up and then fucks him some more with his legs high over Her shoulders.

Mistress Alexis finishes fucking his hole and stands to choke him under foot. Looking down She gets even angrier that he has gambled their rent money away and drops down to crop his tied balls. Her skilled mouth sucks his cock hard so he can take more pain as She continues to abuse his cock and balls. She pulls up his hose over the big swollen bulge that is his tied cock and balls and sits above him. She tells him She is going to make him blow a load right into his pantyhose and rubs Her foot on his shaft under the nylon. Rubbing faster and faster he starts to twist and moan underfoot and She increases the tempo until he cums in his pantyhose. Standing She stomps his cock and then verbally abuses him some more and leaves.