Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – ‘Cuckold’s Night Out’

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Cuckold Night Out

Mistress Autumn dominates footboy for 59 minutes as She gets ready for Her motel dates and then returns to feed him the results from Her pussy. The big submissive releases an enormous load on Her feet at the end by way of thank you for the humiliation. She prepares Herself in the bathroom and then in the changing room before leaving him tied up and waiting. On return, She pulls Her soiled panties from Her pussy hole and rubs the cum filled cloth on his face before having him lap up the rest straight from Her hole. He washes Her feet and unleashes a torrent of cum on them, licking them up to end the movie.

Mistress Autumn applies Her lipstick as footboy sits bound in the sitting stock, his face in Her ass. She describes Her upcoming date at the motel and all the men that will be fucking Her as he stays home. She orders up some ass worship from the sitting slave and then turns to have Her wet pussy licked. She puts him over Her knee and paddles his ass and then pushes him to the floor to worship Her feet. Standing tall, She bends and has him clean Her asshole properly as She describes all the cocks that will be in the hole he is licking.

Mistress Autumn flushes footboy’s face in the toilet and then sits to have Her pussy licked clean. She moves to the changing room and fixes Her hair and makeup while he is ordered into pantyhose. She ties his hands behind with a pair of nylons and then puts on Her pantyhose as he watches kneeling. She foreces his head down to smell the panel on Her crotch and then stands and has him worship Her pantyhose covered ass.

Mistress Autumn orders a bound footboy to stand and traps and untraps his stiff cock in his pantyhose. Her knees comes up and grazes the cock in the pantyhose over and over driving him mad. She steps back and repeatedly kicks him in the cock before ordering him to kneel once again and then making him watch as She dresses for Her date. She leaves him bound and returns later. Removing Her jacket She informs him She has a big surprise underneath Her skirt.

With footboy helpless below Her, Mistress Autumn tell him She has had multiple partners cum in Her pussy and has pushed Her panties into Her hole to make sure nothing leaked out. She slowly pulls the cum soaked panties out over his face and then wipes them on him and pushes them into his mouth to rinse. She removes Her skirt and face sits him and then pulls the panties out of his mouth and makes him clean up Her cunt.

Footboy still has the taste of Mistress Autumn’s cum soaked panties in his mouth as he kneels and watches Her toy with Her pussy and tease him with Her feet. He is obliged to lay on his back as She repeatedly spits down his throat and then mounts his face for oral service. Her wet pussy is followed by Her feet and toes down his throat as he is made to suck and clean Her nylon covered feet. He gurgles and licks as hard as he can and shows why he is a true foot slut for his Mistress.

Mistress Autumn drives Her nylon covered feet deep into footboy’s mouth several more times and then walks on him like a human rug. She orders him to clean Her feet and he wipes them lovingly as he is ordered to stroke his cock. She give him permission to release and he strokes out a massive load of cum directly onto Her both feet as She points Her toes. Jet after jet of white cum fly out of his cock hole until Her feet are covered in his jism. She orders him to lick them clean.