Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – Blonde Ball Breakers

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Blonde Ballbreakers

Squirm along for 34 minutes as Mistress Autumn teams with Mistress Lia to dish out some serious CBT. These two vixens use tiny clips, a cock pump and the violet wand to take cucky to new heights in three positions. Never has tease, denial and pain been applied by such beautiful blonde Dominatrixes. Mistress Autumn’s skilled hands reward cucky at the conclusion by milking every last ounce of cum from his balls into a martini glass held by Mistress Lia.

Mistress Autumn and Mistress Lia have large slut cucky underfoot. Clad in white and black crotchless pantyhose, they have decided to have some CBT fun. Mistress Lia produces a set of small but very sharp clips and the Ladies enjoy decorating his cock while hearing him groan in pain.

Mistress Lia sits on his face to quiet him down as Mistress Autumn delights in tormenting his cock. The Ladies now have their captive helpless in the CBT chain with his legs held wide apart in the spreader bar. The bind him further with pantyhose and Mistress Lia puts a pair over his head. They tease him with their beautiful natural breasts to excite him and then apply the cock pump to his shaft and pins to his balls.

Mistress Lia works on his balls with the violet wand as Mistress Autumn teases him with Her tits and then they change places. Mistress Autumn finishes zapping cucky’s nuts with the violet wand as Mistress Lia teases him with Her breasts. His engorged cock is pulled from the cock pump and Mistress Autumn strokes him hard. He is next positioned standing, legs wide apart in the spreader bar, hands and elbows bound tight. His head is fastened in a leather harness and hooked to the ceiling.

An agonizing climax as Mistress Autumn makes him suck a dildo as Mistress Lia works his cock and nipples. Mistress Autumn’s stroking hand proves too much as his balls are drained into a martini glass. Mistress Autumn smiles and does not stop stroking his tormented cock as Her partner laughs in his face, hoping his cock will fall off from all the abuse.