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Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update – ‘At Attention’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

At Attention

Mistress Tina had slave player’s cock at attention from the moment She set Her feet on it. She circled him and removed Her skirt. Bending She tormented his balls and then trampled him briefly. She focused on the cock attached to his face and sat down on it, Her pussy swallong it to the hilt. She whipped his clothespinned balls as She fucked Herself to orgasm and then teased and tormented the bound submissives cock with the electric Viper and Her wet mouth.

Mistress Tina’s pussy swallowed the black cock attached to slave playear’s face as She sucked his stiff cock to full attention as She zapped his pinned balls. He moaned straight into Her ass while She removed the clothespins from his balls slowly and painfully. She turned and humiliated him with Her pussy, rubbing and grinding into his face and then ordering him to service Her hole. She applied the tube gag to him, forcing his mouth wide and turned him into Her personal spittoon.

With the taste of Her saliva in his mouth the horny submissive could follow Mistress Tina with his eyes. His neck locked in the posture collar was unable to see when She sat on his cock and started fucking him. She turned to face his and Her pussy swallowed his hard cock. He moaned thru the tube gag and began to cum but She stopped him short. She sat back down on his cock and finished him this time. He popped out and She squeezed and stroked the last of the cum from his balls into the condom. Removing the condom, She took full advantage of the tube gag.