Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Update ‘A Model Sissy’

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A Model Sissy


The sissy brings Ms. Savannah Her morning coffee. The brew is not exactly to Her liking and She leashes his little balls and scolds him. She seasons the coffee with Her spit and places him below to spit directly into his mouth. Standing tall over him, the six foot Amazon has his dick leash in Her hand and verbally abuses him then uses him as Her spittoon. Her black boots play with his little cock while She scolds him.

The pantyhose clad Amazon has Her male slave strip to his underwear and then lick and worship Her black boots. She moves him to the floor and tests his lung capacity by smothering him under Her pantyhose clad ass while She toys with his little cock. Moving to the shelf She finds a pair of pantyhose and orders him to put them on while She watches towering above him.

The sissy slave has his pantyhose on now and Ms. Savannah offers him Her skirt. She has him put it on and model for Her, walking back and forth as She dircts. She gives him a little dress to wear and puts a blonde wig on. Now She straddles his chest and applies his makeup. She moves over his face and squats hard, smothering him more under Her pantyhose covered pussy.

This sissy slut is getting the full smother under the six foot Amazon Ms. Savannah’s pantyhose covered ass. She counts down slowly and gives him the occasional breath. He is weak from no air as She stands and puts on Her strap-on. She has him on his knees now worshipping Her cock and then moves to sit in a chair so he can service Her while She relaxes.