Pantyhose Supremacy – Members Preview – A Beaten Man

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Mistress Emily came in for a two day shoot last weekend. She dominated five submissives. This is one of our bigger guys at 6’6″ and 260lbs. She is a complete bitch and totally beat his ass before hot waxing his cock and making him eat Her until She orgasmed. She then did some edge play, finally milking out a monster load and making him swallow it all down. Gorgeous, sadistic, mean…just like we like ’em!

Mistress Emily uses Her favorite submissive for a painful 60 minute session. Locked in the stock his big ass serves as a big target and She uses slapper, wooden paddle, whip and cane to inflict punishment until it is covered in welts and bright red. After an invigorating corporeal punishment, he is bound on his back and his cock is hot waxed and then the wax is whipped off. He gets a treat for suffering and is allowed to service Her orally then gets a last big wad of hot wax dumped on his cock before some nipple torment. Finally, She does some great edge play, taking him right to the limit of orgasm and keeping him there, before She drains his balls out and feeds him.

The big slave is locked in the stock standing and Mistress Emily looks fine. Her legs are miles long as She struts up and starts to warm up his big solid ass. Her high heels click on the tile as She circles with the slapper. She slips off Her silk skirt and begins to turn his ass red with the solid wooden paddle. We see Her perky pussy as Her pantyhose have no crotch. She ramps up the punishment and soon his ass is turning deep red and starting to welt.

Mistress Elizabeth applies the wooden paddle. She gives him a vicious beating and the marks are going to last a long time. Fans of corporeal punishment this is the clip for you as She is beautiful and severe and does not stop dishing out the punishment standing tall in Her high heels with Her pussy poking through the nylon. At the end She switches to the whip for a brief time but almost the full clip is harsh wooden paddle punishment

Simply a beautiful, dominant woman completing Her mission to turn a slave’s ass to red jelly as Mistress Emily whips his ass. She switches back to the hard wooden paddle to complete Her mission with Her perfect breasts poking from Her open nipple bra and Her long legs in high heels firmly planted to finish beating the hell out of his ass. Next scene he is tied tight on his back with an extra long spreader bar separating his legs. His balls are in a leather parachute and stretched tight to the bar as She approaches with a lit candle. She perches on his chest and grabs the base of his cock head in metal tongs and begins to hot wax the head of his cock.

He bucks around some as She drips hot wax on the sensitive head of his cock. She enjoys his suffering and looks extremely beautiful astride the huge male. After She is done and has coated the cock head She teases him with Her ass and then drops Her savory pussy down onto his face and instructs him to lick it clean. She enjoys a bit of tongue service and then tells him there is a payment in pain now due for the treat. She has had a candle burning the entire time and a lot of hot wax has collected in the tube. She drops it straight down onto his cock head and enjoys his suffering for Her.


With his cock head smoldering under the hot wax She turns and presents Her pussy and tells him to lick. His tongue works hard as She applies a small vibrator to Her clit and gets off in his face. She turns and, with the wax now hardened on his cock, whips it off with a red cock whip. Time for some foot worship as She sits heavily on him and uses Her feet on his face. She clamps his nipples and grabs the bar holding the clamps and pulls as he worships Her feet. She loves when they suffer while they worship. She grabs his cock and strokes it after he has suffered enough under foot.

Mistress Elizabeth’s skilled hand gets him hard quickly. She uses the fleshlight on his cock to get him close to orgasm and then continues with edge play using Her well manicured hands to stroke and tease. She continues to torment him and he is straining to release but She does not allow it. Finally he is ready to explode and She swings the black cum plate underneath and totally empties his big swollen balls. He shoots an enormous load of white milky cum. She keeps on tugging until every drop is on the plate and then stands and looks down at him. He know what time it is…feeding time.