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Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Highly Vulnerable’

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Highly Vulnerable

Mistress Jade conducts a sensuous 39 minute session with slave liam. She takes advantage of his ticklish condition as he is vulnerable in the sitting stock. With Her gorgeous ass in his face She tickles him and commands him to lick. Feet play in the kneeling stock is followed by a turn in the bondage chair as Mistress Jade whispers sweet nothings to him and keeps his big cock stiff and trembling.

Mistress Jade is dressed to thrill in black fishnet crotchelss pantyhose and waist cincher. She has slave liam helpless and vulnerable I the sitting stock and wastes no time tickling his feet. She sticks Her ass in face and commands him to lick as he squirms and tries to escape. Now, with his head locked in the kneeling stock, Mistress Jade has him worships Her high heels and feet. She orders his tongue to stay out and wipes Her feet on his face over and over, slapping him when his tongue disappears. To keep his tongue out, She fastens clips to it.

The slave in the stock gets some final foot discipline and tease and then Mistress Jade moves into position for some tongue service. She makes sure he has cleaned Her front and back, wiggling into position so She can fuck his face and then turning to present Her ass for cleaning. She reward him with a big dollop of spit and then sits him in the bondage chair and ties his cock up and strings his balls tight. His erection grows by the minute as the sultry Mistress does not stop Her throaty verbal abuse and tease the entire time.

Mistress Jade give slave liam a taste of Her armpits. He licks both clean for Her and this only stiffens his cock more. Clad now in a pair of ultrasheer pantyhose with small sequins, Mistress Jade teases and torments the big bound submissive. He worships Her breasts as She squirms around on his lap, turning and playing with his cock as Her pantyhose clad legs scissor his so She can grind Her pussy against his hard thigh. His cock is ready to explode as She grabs it in both hands and slows down. Non stop verbal drives him as crazy as Her body.

Clad only in Her pantyhose, Mistress Jade slides down and kneels to focus on his cock. She strokes and teases the big stiff curve of his shaft as She coos softy and talk dirty to him. His cock is teased to the extreme but each time She feels him start to go off She stops. She tells him She wants to see him stroke himself off and pop on Her pantyhose covered ass. He works himself up and cums, but no ejaculation, much to Her surprise. She chastises him for not squirting and having a ruined orgasm.