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Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Bisex Ordeal’

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Bisex Ordeal

A 96 minute ride with two of the most beautiful and most experienced Mistresses in the world. Mistress Natalya Sadici joins Mistress Diana Knight unite to subject two true submissive males to a session neither will ever forget. They toy with pantyhose clad males in evil and devious ways, leaving one with bulging balls aching for release. One male’s mouth is used on the other front and back at their command. With the taste of the other males cum in his mouth, the smaller submissive is used as an ashtray for a post-sex smoke by both Mistresses.

Internationally famous Pro Dommes, Mistress Natalya Sadici and Mistress Diana Knight team up to torment submissive manhole and slut jack and amuse themselves at the subhuman males expense. After the introductions, slut jack has his cock bound and is dressed in pantyhose. A cock gag is inserted to shut him up and the Ladies pleadin to amuse themselves at his expense while the unsuspecting submissive manhole looks on.

The two raven haired vixens turn their attention to submissive manhole. Pantyhose humiliation and suffocation under Mistress Diana’s pantyhose clad ass as Mistress Natalya assists in breaking his concentration with her feet and knees on his hideous cock that is hiding in the pantyhose. He is made to pay for his view beneath Mistress Diana as She delivers hand over mouth smothe

The two Ladies raise the stakes on submissive manhole. He is completely smothered in Mistress Diana Knight’s beautiful breasts as Mistress Natalya relentlessly torments his cock through the pantyhose. Both Mistresses spit on his pathetic penis and force him to eat their pantyhose covered feet. Mistress Diana removes Her pantyhose, puts the sweaty crotch panel in his mouth and wraps it as a gag and blindfold. Mistress Natalya sits on the sissy as Mistress Diana does some light ball busting.

The height of bisex humiliation as Mistress Natalya and Mistress Diana utilize slut jack’s mouth as their ‘wastehole’ on a complete bound, blindfolded and pantyhose gagged submissive manhole. The Mistresses lightly stroke mahole and play with his nipples as slut jack’s mouth proves up to the task.Again and again submissive manhole is made to the point of orgasm and then the Mistresses make slut jack stop and laugh and laugh at the predicament. They stop and leave their submissive with blue balls. Moved to the kneeler, a lighter and crop are used on submissive manhole’s ass as his head is locked between long strong legs.

Head locked between Mistress Natalya’s strong thighs, submissive manhole wiggles and squirms as Mistress Diana scalds him with hot wax from the red candle. Slut jack is ordered over and told to stick his tongue in manhole’s ass and rim him as a reward. He obeys and is paddled and verbally humiliated. The Ladies stomp on a sandwich and make manhole eat the remains off their spiked heels. They humiliate and toy with slut jack as his tongue cleans the ass in front of him.

An orgy of bisex humiliation as slut jack rims submissive manhole and both are punished by the commanding dark haired Goddesses. Tongue working in another man’s ass as fast as possible, slut jack is harshly spanked by Mistress Natalya. Mistress Diana wields a whip to force the slut over the kneeler to squirm, grinding his asshole on the tongue. Mistress Natalya decides to probe submissive manhole’s ass and then pushes a butt plug in. He is ordered to stand and the butt plug slips out. They laugh and order slut jack to push it back in with his mouth.

Mistress Natalya raises the stakes with a huge dildo. Submissive manhole briefly sucks it and it is thrust into his ass as Mistress Diana Knight reclines using him as Her stool and enjoys the show. The Goddesses switch places and Mistress Natalya commands slut jack to ‘teabag’ submissive manhole. The hooded male moves quickly to obey and pleadins licking the balls under the dildo protruding from the asshole in front of him. He licks and licks until the Mistresses decide to stand submissive manhole up and make slut jack finish the job. Mistress Natalya spits on the cock and orders slut jack to start sucking. The women enjoy watching the cock stiffen and pleadin to fill with jizz in the other man’s mouth.

The beautiful Mistresses watch, as submissive manhole’s cock can take no more. The sucking waste hole of a mouth of the other male is extracting the cum for the their amusement and his humiliation. Granting the submissive permission to cum, he shoots several squirts of jizz into the mouth and face of the other submissive who is then ordered to lick what he spilled off the kneeler. The evil Mistresses are entertained. Mistress Natalya remarks that watching sexual relations makes Her want to have a cigarette. Mistress Diana and Mistress Natalya then utilize slut jack, who still has the taste of another man’s cum in his mouth, as their ashtray. They blow smoke into his face, spit down his throat and finally put their mark on him by extinguishing their spent cigarettes on his ass.