Pantyhose Supremacy – ‘Back On Top Now’

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Pantyhose Supremacy Dominatrix Party

Back On Top Now

Watch all 26 minutes of an intense domination session featuring Mistress Missy controlling a massive muscle bound submissive in pantyhose. Foot domination, high heel worship, face sitting, pantyhose bondage, leather strap spanking and much more. This is one of the best Mistress Missy sensual domination films made!

Beautiful young Dominatrix Mistress Missy asserts Herself over the big muscle bound slave with foot domination. High heel domination to be exact. He licks the dirt from the bottom of Her shoe as She talks seductively to him. Her words sting more and more as She tightens the leash and he thoroughly cleans while under foot. She removes Her shoes and he duitifully sucks Her toes. She wants to hurt him now and stands on his chest for trample. His cock has grown in his pantyhose and She kicks it to try and keep it small. A beautiful young blonde dominating a suffering and horny male under Her perfect size 5.5 feet.

The massive submissive was ordered to his back. Mistress Missy stood over him and used Her perfect size 5 ½ feet to kick his cock and tease him. She alternated squatting over his face to make him inhale her nylon covered ass deeply and standing to dominated him under Her nylon covered feet. She seized the red whip and sat heavily on his back after tying his hands behind him with a pair of pantyhose. She spanked and whipped him and then picked up the leather strap and ordered him to present his ass on the chair.

Now the fun really began as Mistress Missy alternated pain and pleasure. First he got a big whiff from his knees as She held his head in Her fragrent pussy. Then he had his ass beaten with the leather strap. She would stop and order him to his knees to deeply inhale the fragrance of Her ass and Her pussy. This drove him crazy with desire and enabled Her to beat him harder. She tore up his ass and then laid him out on the floor. She sat on his face for a bit and teased him with Her feet. She stood and looked down at him as he had a spontaneous orgasm. Shocked he had not asked for release and could not control himself, She stomped the rest of the load out of his balls and pulled down his soiled pantyhose to reveal the mess he had made inside his thong and pantyhose.