Face Sitting, Foot Fetish, Pantyhose Domination, Roleplay — April 19, 2013 4:31 pm

Pantyhose Peeper

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Mistress Rebecca Blue catches Her slave spying on Her in the shower and busts him down to size. His obsession with pantyhose is used to Her advantage as She wiggles into a pair and torments him for 35 minutes. His hard cock is teased, tied and sucked. His mouth is filled with Her feet. He is trampled and forced into a pair of pantyhose. He has to pay for stealing a look at Her.

Mistress Rebecca is taking a shower when She realizes that slave smarty is standing in the doorway watching. He has Her pantyhose in his hand and is rubbing his hard cock. She flies into a rage at him and demands he lick Her legs clean of the shower water and then tramples him and puts Her pantyhose on as he kneels in worship. She enjoys face slapping and hard slaps to his cock while She teases him.

The big submissive is ordered to lay in the tub and Mistress Rebecca moves over him threatening to pee on him. You get a POV sequence as She squats over the camera and discusses how She likes to piss right through Her pantyhose and watch it drain onto you. She orders Her submissive up and has him carry Her into the next room where She lights up cigarette and dishes up some foot domination before giving him some pantyhose and making him lay on the bed. He must try and put them on while She sits heavily on his face.

The big submissive finally gets his pantyhose on as Mistress Rebecca bounces on his face. She moves between his legs and give him some oral stimulation to get him hard as a rock. She produces some black pantyhose that She fastens around his balls as She bites them. She binds his cock and bisects and separates his balls, tying them tight. Her white teeth nibble on his red swollen nuts as She keeps slapping his balls and tell him what a pig he is. She moves to put on a lacy red bra and panty set and then moves to the bed and begins to trample him.

The submissive gets treated to Mistress Rebecca trample action. His bound cock and balls get some foot treatment and then he is ordered over the bed and She binds his hands tightly behind his back with a third pair of pantyhose. She commands him to spread his legs as wide as possible and kicks him in the gusset. He is turned and Her nimble nylon covered feet tattoo his cock and balls with kicks and strokes. She moves to bind his balls tighter and suck his sore cock before turning him and spanking his ass. He is humiliated and made to beg for abuse the entire time.