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Pantydrawer Pervert

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Pantydrawer Pervert

Mistress Jade Indica is not amused when She finds slut boy rummaging in Her pantydrawer. She spends 60 minutes expressing Her displeasure by humiliating him with panties and pantyhose. Foot tickle torment in bondage, over the knee spanking, foot humiliation and some strap-on sucking are in store for him. She sits on his face and teases his useless cock for a bit after he delivers tongue service to Her ass but, alas, his pathetic cock cannot ejaculate. What a loser.

Mistress Jade strolls into Her bedroom to discover slut boy rummaging in Her pantydrawer. She is enraged and verbal humiliates him. She makes him put the panties on and then spanks his ass with Her hand and then over Her knee with a hairbrush before putting him into the sitting stock and stickling his feet without mercy.

The submissive wiggles and squirms, his face covered in pantyhose, but he cannot escape the tickle torment to his face. Mistress Jade unlocks his stock and orders him to the floor to kiss Her pantyhose clad ass. She makes him put on a pair of Her pantyhose while he continues worshipping Her ass. She stuffs the panties in his mouth and puts him on the floor for foot worship as She plays with Her pussy through Her pantyhose.

The little submissive in pantyhose took Mistress Jade’s foot down his throat and then She made him beg to be kicked in his balls. Laughing She kicked him over and over and kept him asking for more. As a reward for his ball busting She encased his hands in pantyhose and tied a pair to string through the bed frame so he could watch Her play with Her gorgeous pussy. She orgasmed on the vibrator, getting Her pussy soaking wet with Her juice. Turning She used him for tongue service directly on Her asshole.

Mistress Jade had slut boy thoroughly tongue and rim Her asshole while She controlled his pantyhose encased arms. After considerable licking he was ordered to the floor so that She could sit Her asshole directly on his mouth. He was taught exactly how She liked Her asshole licked clean and then Mistress Jade stood and gave him a foot chaser down his throat as She made him beg to suck cock. She slipped a strap-on on and positioned him on his knees to worship it.

Lessons in strap-on worship continue as Mistress Jade positions slut boy on his back on the bed. She looms over him and slaps his face with Her cock and then jams it down his throat after he has tongued it to Her satisfaction. She makes him beg for real cock to suck. Now tied spread eagled on the bed, he has his face covered by Her pantyhose clad crotch and smells Her sweet juices through the nylon. She traps and untraps his cock in his pantyhose and strokes it until it starts to harden.

Mistress Jade remains perched on slut boy’s face and manipulates his cock. It gets very hard and he is quite excited to have Her juicy pussy on his face grinding away. She tells him he has permission to cum but he tenses up and his cock falters and droops. Mistress Jade smothers him and then tells him he has one last chance as he stands and jacks himself off on the bottom of Her feet. He still cannot muster a cum shot so She throws him on the bed laughing and tells him he must wait another month.