Boots, CBT — December 5, 2015 12:28 pm

Pain Pig

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Miss Vera Lamarr stands tall, slim and collected. Her long legs are sheathed in stockings and beautiful black leather bloots encase Her legs. One foot is up and crushing big slave david’s cock as he sits legs apart. It responds and gets stiffer. She crushes his cock and talks softly to him. Leaning down She fastens a deep O ring gag into his mouth and spits down it. Her little spittoon gets his cocks crushed for a while while She periodically lubes his throat with Her spit. Cock crush and spit by a beautiful dark haired tormentor. Next he is standing and his cock is out for CBT

His cock is stiff in Her hand as She scorches it with the pin wheel and then whips it hard. She fastens a dozen clothespins on his cock and balls and torments him with slaps and verbal humiliation. He is bent over the kneeler for a brief hand spanking and then She begins to paddle his ass

Miss Vera paddles his ass to a pink color and then gets one of Her favorite whips and flogs his ass. She gives him brief breaks as She strolls in front and seats Herself so he can worship Her beautiful soft leather black high heeled boots while he recovers his senses a bit. She happily returns to whipping his ass knowing he has the taste of Her boots in his mouth.

Miss Vera continues punishing his ass with Her spanker. She uses a harsh whip next and then follows it up with the cane made of steel. This clip is for lovers of corporal punishment by a highly skilled and model beautiful Dominatrix. A bit of boot worship theme is here as well but only when he has been pushed past his limits and needs to recover licking Her boots.

A final round of boot licking as Miss Vera sits in front of him. He gets a very harsh final caning and then She allows him to masturbate as he licks Her boot bottoms. She talks softly to him and he orgasms onto the cum board. She steps several times down on his load to coat the bottom of Her boot then stretches Her long leg out so he can slurp his cum off the bottom of Her boot.