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Pack Him Pop Him

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Pack Him Pop Him

Enjoy 25 minute number with Mistress Summer looking long lean and gorgeous. She stretches out for some shoe bottom tongue service and humiliation then lubes up the compliant submissive. Strapping on, She fucks him and keeps the pressure building in his prostate. He gets bound and floored while She sits up top and uses Her hot feet in hot flip flops to dominate. Her bare feet coax a monster cum shot out of his cock hole and he is obliged to lick his spew off of Her gorgeous feet as She stretches and preens above the drained slut.

Mistress Summer sits on the couch and stretches out Her long legs. The submissive obligingly licks the bottoms of Her high heels as She preens. She gets up and puts on a shiny leather strap-on and proceeds to lube his ass up. Her gloved hands slip in and out of his ass and he gets a strong prostate massage as the beautiful blonde fingers him good. She moves behind him to fuck him.

Mistress Summer buries Her cock in the bent submissive’s ass. Her beautiful breasts bobble as She fucks him and crops him a bit. She fucks him for about 4 minutes with a some different views including down from Her perspective. He is then shown on the floor in bondage and She sits up top over him on the couch. She is wearing flip flops but they have spikes on the strap and are very sexy. She dominates his cock while She plays with Her pussy. Her flip flops massage his cock and step on his face as She gets quite excited and he does as well. She takes off Her shoes and Her sexy feet return to his cock.. She removes Her black lacy bra and strokes his cock between her red nailed feet.

The soft skilled feet of Mistress Summer massage the prone slave’s cock. A long slow foot job with Her skilled toes wiggling dn clutching his shaft. No pain involved but a lot of teasing and some spitting on his cock to lube it. He gets very worked up and She teases and denies him a bit. She stands and slips off Her black panties and wraps them around his face so he can smell Her. Then Her toes milk a big cum shot out of his cock hole.  The cum splashes on Her feet and She drains him of every drop then moves to make him lick Her feet clean.