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One Last Lick

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One Last Lick

Mistress Alexis is down right scary mean in a 36 minute sexually charged exercise in female domination. She takes immediate charge of the nude slave. She has a dress and opera gloves on and wicked beige high heels. Black panties cling to this Penthouse Pet turned Dominatrix. He is ordered to do some painful body worship and lick from the bottom of Her shoes on command to Her swollen pussy with big lips. Her ass meets his face for some worship and then She splays wide on Her back and gets off in his face as She teases and degrades him. Directed ass sniffing and pussy service with great shots of Her gorgeous legs spread wide and Her beautiful face heaping abuse on him.  They both stand and she puts his cock in some bondage and then orders him to the floor. Smoves up top over him and finishes Her orgasms while Her foot is in his mouth and the other on his cock. She moves Her wet pussy over his face for smother and humiliation.

Mistress Alexis with some humiliating toilet fetish talk spread legged in front of the slave on the floor. Special soup for him She tells him with a laugh and spits on him. He is obliged to serve as Her human toilet paper. She has big pussy lips and it takes him a while to get it all clean to Her satisfaction. She does a sexy stease raising Her dress and then strips off the black gloves, smacking him in the face. She lowers Her ass to his cock and orders him to unzip Her dress. She bounces up and down teasing him and then strips the dress off. She gets fully nude but puts Her high heels back on and then ties his hands tight behind him. She is amazing with perfect legs that go on forever as She has his cock tied up and strung with his balls down to his feet, the naked Amazon is slowly putting him in predicament bondage to begin to torture him. She uses a tongs to clamp his cock and gives it a brief suck. He is still limp and useless. She puts nipple clamps on him and tugs as Her spiked heels drill into his sides. She give him a little suck and tug again after ripping the clamps off him. He can only stand with his cock tied up and arms bound as She sensuously sucks on his cock. Yet it stays limp. He is useless to Her with the limp dick and She belittles him for his impotence. She rubs and teases him and makes fun of his limp dick. Mistress Alexis rolls to Her back and spreads Her ultra long legs and orders him to tongue service Her since he is a limped dick loser. She then turns after he has munched Her box and is made to lick Her asshole nice and clean. She again informs him what he has known. He is completely without use except for his tongue and the fun of hurting him. She tells him She is going on a real date with a real man and leaves.


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