Face Sitting, Foot Fetish, Humiliation — October 28, 2012 8:46 am

New Model – Svetlana – First Scene for Mistress Jennifer

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Well the blog is finally back online from a malware attack. It’s just me here folks and I’m not a programmer so it took a couple weeks to round somebody up to fix it. Anyway, on to the next problem. In the interim, Svetlana came in to film. She is a young (21 years old) true sadist who is local to the area. She is a 5’10” and weighs 155lbs. with size 11 shoes. She is a sadistic Amazon and She totally dominated four video submissives. Lots of pussy and ass worship and much more.

Here are a few pics from Her first scene and the description;

Mistress Svetlana has big slave david sandwiched under the low table with his arms fastened to his sides. This exposes his nipples and face for Her amusement. Face slapping, nipple torment, verbal abuse and pussy service are the themes of this segment as Svetlana establishes Her dominance over the pig.

With the taste of Her pussy in his mouth, Mistress Svetlana ups the abuse with harsh face slapping and humiliation. He worships Her high heels after the gouge into his chest and his nipples get clamped. After making him snack on Her cunt again, She removes Her crotch less panties and pushes them into Her pussy hole. She explains She wants to clean all the deep cum Her boyfriend left that morning out and make him suck it off the black panties. She pulls out the panties and makes him eat the leavings from Her boyfriend. She does this again to insure all is clean and then clamps his nipples and archs Her pussy into his face for tongue service.

Mistress Svetlana pushes the dirty panties fully into the slave’s mouth and then tapes his mouth shut and has him lay flat on the floor for high heel domination. She sits and steps all over him and grinds Her dirty shoes into his body. She takes off Her shoes and Her size 11 nylon covered feet move over his body and face. She removes the tape over his mouth and pulls out the now fully rinsed panties and replaces them with Her toes. He sucks and kisses and worships Her feet as She sits over top of him.