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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘Teased & Taken’

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Teased & Taken

Brace yourself for some swollen balls and deep strap-on as Mistress Autumn takes slut manhole any way She likes for 57 minutes. Teasing him with Her ass, pussy and breasts, She makes him stroke himself hard and then torments his cock and balls until soft. Repeating this process, he is in agony from denial. She puts weights on his balls and then crops, whips and spanks him before deep strap-on and a milking.

Mistress Autumn was in a tease and denial mood. She ordered Her lanky submissive named manhole to put his face in Her ass and start jerking off. He immediately got hard and his cock was punished in different ways each time until soft. This process was repeated over and over. His face was placed in Her ass, in Her pussy and he was allowed breast worship. He could not keep his cock soft to Her great amusement.

Mistress Autumn continued Her tease and punishment. The submissive stroked his cock and got hard from Her scent and then his cock was tormented until soft again. The violet wand was utilized right on the tip of his penis and on his balls to discourage his erection. Mistress Autumn sat on his face and fucked his tongue while She zapped his cock to keep it limp.

Submissive manhole got his cock zapped a few final times as Mistress Autumn rode his face and then he was put on all fours on the flat swing with a parachute harness firmly attached to his swollen balls. A sound hand spanking and Mistress Autumn began attaching weights to stretch his nuts. She cropped him and tickled him, enjoy the look of the dangling weights stretching his nut sack.

Her lanky submissive was tickled, cropped and whipped as his balls were stretched further from more weights. Mistress Autumn ordered him to suck Her big rubber cock and then stuck it in his ass and began to fuck him. Supporting Herself on the chains She rocked the swing back and forth fucking him deeply. His groans brought a smile to Her beautiful face.

Mistress Autumn makes Her submissive suck some more cock before turning him on his back and drilling him again. She puts a mousetrap on the head of his penis to break his concentration as She slams the big dildo home for the entire clip. Never has a more beautiful Mistress been so deep for so long in a tight asshole. He tells Her how deep it is and She replies ‘That’s the point’.

With the mousetrap on his cock head and Mistress Autumn’s cock buried to the hilt in his asshole, manhole thought She could do no more but Mistress Autumn decided to decorate his nipples with nipple clamps that had bells on them and try to make them ring. Fucking him hard the clamps jangled their bells and brought a smile to Her face. She ordered him down and placed his face in Her ass. Making him stroke himself, he was hard in no time. She milked Her abused submissive’s cock out onto the cum plate and then ordered him down to eat his load.