CBT, Sex in Bondage — June 4, 2012 4:18 pm

Mistress Jennifer -Members Update – She Always Wins

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Mistress Rachel Steele plays a 78 minute game with stud submissive Sebastian to see just how much his cock and balls can take while he is in strict bondage. Used as human furniture in front of the couch and then fastened to the St. Andrews cross, he takes inhuman amounts of teasing and torment from the huge breasted, raven haired MILF Dominatrix. She gets off more times than She can count using him as Her sex toy and then makes him conjure up a gigantic load of jism between Her breasts.

Her legs spread wide, Mistress Rachel Steele presses the vibrating wand to Her clitoris and surveys the bound stud acting as human furniture in front of Her. She answers Her cell phone and talks with Her girlfriend a bit about Her plans for the day and for the bound submissive. She stands over him, reveals Her massive breasts and orders him to suck and nuzzle. Breast worship is mixed with some nipple torment and then She moves to orally stimulate him before lighting up a candle for some wax play.

Pain and pleasure mix as the gorgeous MILF Dominatrix drips hot wax on Sebastian and allows him breast worship. She moves to use Her mouth on his manhood and then sits directly on his face and gets Herself off with a vibrator as he wiggles beneath Her pussy. She informs him he is only an object for Her to use for sexual gratification and his discomfort intensifies Her pleasure. She removes the now soaking wet black panties She has been wearing through multiple orgasms and slides down to ties up his cock and balls tight in Her panties.

Mistress Rachel Steele wraps a blood pressure cuff over the black panties She has tied Sebastian’s cock and balls up with and begins to pump it up. Her wet mouth sucks and licks the head of his cock as the pressure from the cuff builds around his balls. She takes the slapper and moves Her pussy over his face so that She can administer some punishment for all the pleasure She has given him. He worships Her breasts as reward and then She ties up his cock and balls with rope and focuses Her oral attentions and the vibrating wand on his straining genitals.

The Dominating MILF’s mouth suckles sebastian’s cock as She continues stimulating his balls with the vibrating wand. Her goal is to get him stiff for Her to use. She proposes a game, one She tells him She will always win, to see if Her mouth can always get him erect. She makes Her point by moving down and fucking his stiff cock shaft with Her pussy lips as She uses the vibrator on Her clit to orgasm. Turning She puts Her high heels on either side of him on the trunk and fucks his bound cock. Turning once more, She again uses his cock for Her pleasure. Now in the dungeon, Sebastian is tied tight to the cross and Mistress Rachel Steele attaches painful nipple clamps to him. Tugging them, She gets the reaction She wants to see and is very amused at Her sex toy in pain.

A chronicle in MILF Dominatrix pain and pleasure as Rachel Steele tugs hard on sebastian’s nipple clamps and suckles his cock in Her mouth. She tells him it is time to test the limits of his cock and moves to use the violet wand on his bound balls. Her oral skills come in handy to provide him with pleasure as he takes jolts of electricity but cannot escape Her nursing mouth. She tongues his balls lovingly where She had just dealt him pain and then squats to continue Her game of pain and pleasure.

The gorgeous MILF Dominatrix was not finished yet. Sebastian’s cock was red and sore and stiff and She wanted to mouth him. She swung one slim leg in high heels up over him and fucked him briefly then turned and guided his cock into Her pussy hole. She knelt and sucked him some more before removing his nipple clamps which caused him some excruciating torment and he lashed back and forth as She held his manhood. She opened Her talented mouth and suckled his cock to make him forget about the pain in his nipples.

Sebastian’s balls were near bursting but Mistress Rachel continued to nibble, bite and suck on the head of his cock. He was at his limit and the spread eagled position he was lashed to made it even harder to concentrate as She gave him some final sucking and then pranced away from him before releasing him and having him jerk off for Her as She played with Her clit. She motioned to him to put his cock into Her and he did so immediately, insane with desire. She ordered him to pull out and release between Her huge breasts. He squirted a monstrous load of hot white cum. As his head cleared from the ejaculation, he heard Her say it was lunch time for him now. He dropped to his knees and began to lick up his load from Her between Her breasts.