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Mistress Jennifer – Members Update – ‘On Edge For Emily’

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Mistress Jennifer & Friends


The young Asian boy is on his back and has his balls tied tight and strung up so She can pull them from his body as She makes him lick the bottom of Her sexy high heeled shoes. She delights in trying to tear his balls from his body as he licks the dirt from the bottom of Her shoes. Now that his tongue is warmed up She sits down on his face and smothers him under Her bare pussy protruding through the black crotchless panties. Slapping and sqsueezing his balls for encouragement his pain is Her pleasure and makes him want to please Her through his oral service even more.

The slave’s tongue has been busy and he can taste and smell Her dirty pussy. It seems She has been fucked that morning by Her boyfriend and he deposited a load of cum. She grinds away and hurts his balls some more while he continues oral service. She decides to cleanse Her hle and puts a large clear bowl on his chest. Standing over him he gazes up to see Her squat and insert a douche nozzle. She fills Her pussy hole with water and then releases Her juice and all the dirty cum from inside until the bowl is filling up. Now She stands over him pulling on his sore balls and tells him it is time to pay homage to Her pussy cavern and drink down Her dirty douche water. She squats down, Her lovely well manicured fingers wrapped around the bowl filled with Her dirty douche water and orders him to open his mouth. She tips the bowl and his mouth fills with Her cum and the residue from Her boyfriends sperm. She tells him to hold it and gargle then to swallow as She slowly pours more in an ultra humiliating scene.

The bound Asian can taste the insides of his Mistress as He is made to finish the entire bowl of Her douche water. She sadistically fills his mouth over and over from the bowl and makes him hold it while She flavors it with Her spit. He gargles Her juice, Her boyfriends fresh sperm and Her spit until She tells him to swallow Her offering. Pulling on the rope to rip his balls from his body he twists and gurgles and swallows while She sits on his chest and laughs at him. Next act She has him over the bench and starts to beat his ass, first with Her paddle and then She picks up the cane and starts to crack his tight young Asian ass.

Mistress Emily continues to cane the tight Asian ass. She takes a brief time to whack his balls which are tied and pulled back tight behind him but mainly focuses on his ass. Between the paddle and the caning his ass quickly is bruised and abused. She then lubes his tight asshole up and sticks several fingers in to massage his prostate while the strap-on She has slipped on dangles obscenely between Her slim thighs.  She slides behind him and sticks Her cock up his tight ass, enjoying the squeals She gets as he tries and wiggle around to dislodge the hard rubber dick. Instead, She pushes it in all the way and Her slim hips move back and forth loosening up his virgin hole.

His tight ass has loosened a bit as She levers Her cock in and out of his asshole. She takes off Her sexy high heels and puts them on his back and canes him while She fucks him. She takes one of Her high heels and scrapes and gouges his back so that he jerks back onto the cock buried in his ass. Next act She has him standing, spreader bar stretching his legs apart and arms bound tightly behind him. His cock and balls are tied tight and a heavy weight stretches his balls toward the floor. She attaches nipple clamps to his sensitive tits and pulls on them, laughing as he cries in pain. Her beautiful, well manicured fingers lightly stroke his dick bringing him quickly to a hard on. She places a vacuum tube over his cock head and turns on the suction. She laughs while his cock is sucked down the tube and pulss on his nipple clamps, laughing as he dances in pain.

The ultimate in edge play with Mistress Emily. All the blood in this guy is in his cock. With his balls tied tight and stretched by the weight, She works his shaft like a skin flute. The hood is over his head and all the sensation is in his cock as Her delicate, well manicured fingers keep him on the edge of orgasm. When She feels the slightest pulse, She slaps the top of his cock head to keep him from finishing. This goes on until he is twitching and shaking and, finally, She moves the black cum plate beneath his cock and milks out a huge orgasm. Jet after jet of white cum shoot from the tip until his balls are completely drained. A few drops of cum have landed on Her calf and this pisses Her off to no end. She places the cum plate on the floor and yanks his nipple clamps off then grabs his cock and painfully pumps it. Any satisfaction he has gotten from his orgasm is long gone as She makes him pay.