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Good To The Last Drop

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Good To The Last Drop

She warms up on his face then squirts in a plate

This is Mistress Sidney . She shot a shit load of film with me and now works at a brothel/domination house in Chicago (google Kink Extraordinaire or look on back page). She is a nasty sadistic bitch. We setup a big video submissive seated and bound. After She made him gobble her asshole and pussy and she rode his face she squirted in a big glass plate and then soaked her panties in the juice and had him rinse them out in his mouth. nasty and dirty.

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Good To The Last Drop

Mistress Sidney gives and takes for a 41 minute sexually charged bondage and discipline session with big slave friendly. He finds his nipple under attack then has to gobble Her asshole before watching Her cum. Her juices on a big clear plate then on the bottom of Her black boot find their way to his tongue. She stands him up and drains his balls onto her big natural tits then makes him lick his spew off Her breasts.

Mistress Sidney has her shiny black boots on. They always make Her want to hurt the slave. She approaches and begins to whip big slave friendly. Boot torment and whipping to soften him up for what is to come.

Mistress Sidney stuffs a ball gag in the slave’s mouth and then sits in front. Her black high boots do the walking up and down his chest. She stops torturing him with her boots and stands to light up a smoke. She blows cigar smoke in his helpless face and Her fingers spread Her pussy lips apart as She leans in to let him smell and then taste Her. She removes Her panties and he tastes Her asshole.

The slave is obliged to lick and clean Her asshole for a few minutes and then She sits and uses a vibrator on Her pussy. She moves a clear glass plate under Her cunt and then cums hard, squirting into the plate. After She is finally drained of Her orgasms and pussy juice She sets the plate down and places Her boot into the juice. Raising it up, he is obliged to lick Her juice from the bottom of Her high heeled boot. This is repeated in a super humiliating tribute to Her as he is allowed to worship Her cum from the boot sole and high heel

She retrieves Her black panties and places them on the plate She has ejaculated into. She mops up a lot of pussy juice and soaks the panties. Turning to the slave, She forces the panties fully in his mouth so he can rinse and savor Her juice. She smacks his cock and balls as he sucks the nectar from the cloth. She pulls it from his mouth and repeats the procedure until all Her cum has washed into the slave. She then takes a short smoke break seated in the toilet chair and then the next scene he is bound standing so that She can extract the semen from his balls with a torturous handjob. She gets him stiff and Her skilled hand pulls all the cum from his balls onto Her perfect natural breasts at the end. He licks his own cum from Her tits until they are clean.